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Writer and Producer Robert Lansburgh Releases New Track with Environmental Message

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Writer and Producer Robert Lansburgh Releases New Track with Environmental Message

September 06
17:05 2023

Remember the song “head, shoulders, knees, and toes?  Now it’s water, wallet, keys, phone, bag.  Producer, writer, and environmental activist Robert Lansburgh’s new song and music video, Water Wallet, just dropped.  The catchy tune serves the triple purpose of helping listeners to never forget to leave the house without the five essentials, to reduce plastic use, and of course, to enjoy.

Lansburgh first came up with the song as a personal mantra when he became aware of the enormous amount of unnecessary bottled water and plastic bags that he accumulated.  For many across the country, simply not being in the habit of bringing water and a bag when leaving the house leads to buying costly and wasteful bottled water and using plastic shopping bags, which quickly wind up as garbage at best and litter at worst.  These easily avoidable excesses continue to have catastrophic consequences for the ocean and environment.

These behaviors are not malicious; they are bad habits that take a clever trick to break.  For Lansburgh, that trick came in the form of a song.

“I wrote this song to change my personal habits, and it has made my life better,” says Lansburgh.  “I was tired of forgetting my most essential items, tired of having to stop and purchase water, tired of seeing plastic bags floating in the ocean.”

The writer devised a simple song to a catchy, recognizable tune orchestrated specifically to get stuck in your head on your way out the door. 

“It’s a foolproof way to improve your day,” says Lansburgh. “I’m never thirsty and I have everything I need.”

Want to get a song stuck in your head that will improve your life and help save the environment?  Visit to check out the track, the band, and the mission. 

Please like their Facebook page to support the campaign and grow the cause:

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