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Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market size Forecast to Reach $1560 Million by 2026

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Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market size Forecast to Reach $1560 Million by 2026

May 07
13:13 2021
Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market size Forecast to Reach $1560 Million by 2026

Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitter Market.
The Growing Demand for Smaller or Compact Sized Components Has Been Acting as a Major Driver for the Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitter Market.

The Global Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market is forecast to reach $1560 Million by 2026, growing at CAGR 7.1%during the forecast period 2021-2026. Planar lightwave circuit splitter or PLC splitter generally refers to a passive optical device used for uniformly dividing one and more light beams or combining multiple light beams. These optical signal splitters serve demanding applications including PON, FTTX, CATV and many others with better stability and efficiency compared to others. Growing shift towards compact sized devices along with rising internet penetration needs for larger bandwidth can be considered as some of the major factors driving the planar lightwave circuit splitter market. Moreover, growing advancements towards 5G as well as rise of infrastructural developments across telecom and data centers are analyzed to further create a positive impact on the market growth of planar lightwave circuit splitters.

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market Segment Analysis – By Design Type

Based on design type, the Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter market has been segmented under Bare Fiber, Blockless, Fanout, ABS, Rack-mounted as well as others. Rack-mounted design is expected to dominate the planar lightwave circuit splitter market over the forecast period. With the growing developments for network infrastructure due to rising internet connectivity requirements, telecom as well as data center operators have been shifting towards high stability as well as minimized losses designed devices or components. Rack-mounted splitters generally comprises of PLC splitter inside a rack unit, serving demanding data communication applications effectively. With the rising need for higher bandwidth, telecom operators tend to utilize more of PON networks, which will eventually need reliable rack mount PLC splitters capable of offering fiber optic links, thus meeting growing number of users. Moreover, these rack mounted designed splitters can be used across indoor as well as outdoor applications within CATV, data communication centers and so on. Such factors are further set to boost the market growth of rack mounted PLC splitters across major sectors including data center and telecom in the long run.

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market Segment Analysis – By End Users

By End users, the planar lightwave circuit market has been bifurcated under Data Centers, Telecom, Electrical & Electronics and Others. Telecom sector is analyzed to witness a significant growth in the market due to rising penetration of internet, multi-media, electronic commerce and others. This factor creates the need of telecom operators to shift towards fiber optics technology capable of meeting large bandwidth needs, thus causing a positive impact on the deployment of PLC splitters. Moreover, with the advent of 5G networks in order to accelerate digital transformation, various telecom network providers have been investing highly towards boosting 5G infrastructures, which can positively impact the growth of high stability, minimal loss as well as optimal data transmission PLC splitter devices. In 2020, mobile operators namely, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus have announced about investing an amount of KRW 25.7 trillion by 2022, as an initiative towards enhancing 5G infrastructures across Seoul and six other metropolitan cities. The Indian Government had announced about its plans of providing a universal broadband access across all villages by 2022 by investing about $100 billion, as a part of National broadband mission. With this initiative, the government meant to facilitate equitable access of broadband services within rural or remote areas, thereby creating a positive impact on the growth of PLC splitters in the long run.

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Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

APAC region is anticipated to have a significant growth in the planar lightwave circuit splitter market during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026. Presence of some of the key players such as Huihong Technologies , Sun Telecom, Browave Corporation with others are acting as major drivers for the growth of planar lightwave circuit splitter market in the region. Technological advancements towards 5G along with investment towards the research and development activities have been fuelling the growth of planar lightwave circuit splitter market. Moreover, investments towards telecom or data centres due to rising industrial growth along with growing shift towards optical fiber transmission has been also causing a major impact towards planar lightwave circuit splitter devices. In November 2020, Amazon had announced plans of expanding of its services by constructing a data center in India to be completed by mid-2022. This expansion will eventually propel the demand towards high stability PLC splitters to be used for various purposes including data transmission, routing and many others during the forecast period.

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market Drivers

Growing demand towards compact devices

The growing demand for smaller or compact sized components has been acting as a major driver for the planar lightwave circuit (PLC) splitter market. Since various organizations have been highly adopting a wide range of portable and compact devices, need for these splitters have been growing significantly. Due to the compact structure, these PLC splitters offer capability of direct installation within various existing transfer boxes, eliminating special design requirements alongside reducing the installation space compared to fused biconical splitters. Adoption of these compact splitters helps the end users to gain optimal optical performance coupled with high reliability as well as extending their range of applications. Moreover, the smaller design of PLC splitters also helps in minimizing the rate of various losses, while maintaining high port uniformity standards. Such factors are bound to further enhance the market growth of planar light wave circuit splitter over the forecast period 2021-2026.

Need towards higher data transmission

The need towards higher data transmission due to rising data traffic across various industry verticals is also analysed to be one of the major drivers of planar lightwave circuit splitter market. With the rise of internet penetration worldwide, optical fiber data networks are getting highly utilized due to offering optimum transmission. These planar light wave splitters drive the power flow more efficiently over long distances without creating any kind of disturbances on the path, thus improving data transmission. In addition to this, these splitters offer uniform distribution of the signals while making it highly suitable for operating multiple wavelengths unlike the fused biconical splitters. This makes the splitter insensitive towards loss of the transmitted light, while assuring higher productivity for the end-use industries to utilize reliable data communication. Such factors make it an ideal choice for various applications as it maximizes data transmission within long range coupled with low insertion loss and polarization dependent loss, affecting its market growth.

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market Challenges

High costs

The costs related to manufacturing of planar lightwave circuit splitter is analysed to be one of the major challenges impeding the market growth. The complexities while manufacturing PLC splitters requires utmost precision and accuracy due to usage of small sized components, thereby demanding skilled expertise. Due to presence of comparitively cheaper alternatives such as fused biconical splitters, its market demand gets significantly hampered owing to its high price. Improper designing of these high quality splitters can add to additional expenses as it can eventually affects its stability, rate of losses and others, hampering productivity standards. Such factors contribute towards higher production costs due to increasing complexity of the overall manufacturing process while maintaining high technical threshold, thereby restraining its market growth.

Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitter Market Landscape

Partnerships and acquisitions along with product launches are the key strategies of the players in the planar lightwave circuit splitter market. The major key players in the planar lightwave circuit splitter market include Fiberon Technologies, Sun Telecom, Go! Foton Corporation, NTT Electronics Corporation, Huihong Technologies, SENKO Advanced Components, Browave Corporation, Prysmian Group, Shenzhen Technology and Opto-Link Corporation Limited.

Partnerships/Product Launches/Acquisition

In March 2019, Broadex Technologies, a leading provider of optoelectronic components for telecom and datacom sectors, had announced about its acquisition of planar lightwave circuit division of Kaiam Europe for a price of about US$5.5 million. With this acquisition, the company will expand its business operations including PLC chip manufacturing within UK.

In February 2020, Prysmian Group had announced about the launch of its Sirocco high density range of micro duct cables, with reduced diameters, thus enabling increased fiber counts. This development was meant to increase the installation of more number of fibers within a congested duct space, with the use of fewer raw materials coupled with reduced costs.

Key Takeaways

Rack-mounted design is expected to have a major contribution during the forecast period for the planar lightwave circuit splitters owingto its capability of serving demanding applications including data center networks, telecom networks and many others.

APAC region is expected to have a major share during the forecast period in the planar lightwave circuit splitter market due to presence of prominent players such as Browave Corporation, Sun Telecom with many others operating within the region.

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