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To let everyone stay at home, AliExpress employees even put the store into the game

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To let everyone stay at home, AliExpress employees even put the store into the game

April 28
10:15 2020

On April 18, WHO, together with Lady Gaga and other stars, launched the #Togetherathome concert. Nearly 100 stars participated in the concert, calling on everyone to stay at home as much as possible and keep the social distance. The whole human society is working together for this epidemic.

Everyone is also responding to #StayAtHome and using various methods to make their life at home more enjoyable.

At the same time, more and more enterprises also joined in this action, calling on everyone to “Stay At Home”. We found that the most interesting thing is that AliExpress employees opened a store on the game Animal Crossing which is now popular all over the world, to call on everyone not to go out, and experience the fun of shopping together with friends at home immersively.

According to what the reporter learned, in this store, you can use virtual characters to socialize, go shop, even experience goods, and communicate with each other through the Internet. You can also go shopping with good friends without going out. On the first day of the store opening, as special offers, 100 masks were sold in 10 minutes.

Meet your friends here

The reporter saw that in the AliExpress store in the game, you can invite good friends to select interesting products through the Internet, share your true feelings and experiences, and also provide suggestions for his style.


When you are shopping, you can also get social experience in the meantime. When you think your friend’s dressing effect is good, you can applaud; when you change into beautiful clothes, you can also try the catwalk in the game.


Close to a real shopping experience

AliExpress store also restores the real fun of offline shopping as much as possible in terms of shopping experience. It looks like a real shopping trip. You can open the refrigerator to view the performance, click on the TV to watch, and learn about the relevant parameters and advantages. At the same time, these products in the game can be directly related to AliExpress, and you can place an order for products if you take a fancy to them.


Coupons to help save money

AliExpress shopping store can also organize some promotional activities, participate in “Digging Treasure”, “Prize Wheel”, “Maze game” and other small games, you can get the coupons available in AliExpress.


Finally, in this special period, actually, it is the greatest contribution to the whole society, that every ordinary person can stay at home.


If you can’t go out, stay at home.

Dating and shopping on the Internet with friends is a cooler thing than going out to do that.


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