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The World’s First NMN Mask invented by Eaoron, Australia Facial Mask can Resist the Aging of Facial Skin

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The World’s First NMN Mask invented by Eaoron, Australia Facial Mask can Resist the Aging of Facial Skin

March 25
05:30 2020

If someone told you that if your facial skin is aging, you could rejuvenate yourself with a genetic technology mask, and you’d think it was fantastic. However, with the development of modern science and technology, this is already a condition which can be easily achieved in the life science community.

The reporter learned that recently, an Australian famous skin care brand EAORON rely on New Zealand Genetic Research Center based on the latest gene repair technology developed the world’s first NMN youth mask. Its principle is to supplement the facial skin NMN ingredients, thoroughly activate the body’s NAD + anti-aging factor, and fundamentally solve the problem of facial skin aging.

It is reported that the production of this epoch-making mask is Australia’s most well-known skin care brand EAORON. “Our clinical research has shown that the underlying cause of skin ageing in young women is the effects of stress and ageing. The gene expression of cells in vivo is disordered and the secretion of NAD + gene factor responsible for cell repair in vivo is greatly reduced, which leads to cell loss of self-healing and regeneration ability, resulting in skin atrophy, dullness and no light, so that it looks older than the actual age,” Dr Oliver, the eaoron R&D team, said in an interview.

“The world’s leading experts, including professors at Harvard Medical School, agree that the most effective way to supplement the anti-aging factor NAD + is to supplement NMN. This element can increase the content of NAD + in the body, delay the aging of the skin, repair the damaged and aged cells, promote the regeneration of new cells, and make the body produce collagen of its own origin to improve dark yellow, wrinkles, large pores and other skin aging problems,” the experts told the media.

It is reported that the NMN youth mask developed by EAORON is the world’s first gene anti-aging mask, using the world’s latest generation of NMN instant absorption technology. The team is the New Zealand Centre for Genetic Research, one of the world’s top three genetic research centres. Nmn Gene Technology developed by the center can be used to inject this effective anti-aging factor into facial masks. In the process of applyng facial mask, you can carry out gene repair for facial skin, wake up cell vitality, let facial skin return to white and tender Q bomb. Because this repair technology is from a genetic point of view, It is a fundamental solution to skin problems. The effect is more durable and effective.

The reporter learned that in addition to the above-mentioned star anti-aging ingredients, EZZ Youth Mask also added high-purity niacinamide, protein fermentation extract, as well as a variety of natural and rare plant extracts in Australia and so on. These can let the user realize to let consenescence “decelerate” immediately after using, and quickly, comprehensively and long-term solve skin aging problems.

“According to usage data, more than 90 percent of users have their skin from dark yellow to white and smooth after two hours of use, and more than 85 percent of users have their skin tighter and more even,” said the EAORON brand official.

Many consumers have expressed the essence of the mask content is very high, membrane cloth fiber lock water capacity is also very strong, and the mask cloth after using 2 hours will not dry. So in addition to facial use, it can also be used for the neck, hands and other parts of the care to achieve synchronous anti-aging effect. It is reported that this kind of NMN facial mask is about to go on sale in each big pharmacy in Australia recently.

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