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Will Weak Monsoon Take Inflation Higher?

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Will Weak Monsoon Take Inflation Higher?

July 02
16:44 2014

no rainNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 2 – Current situation of the common mob can’t be said ideal as prices of various things are getting up day by day to pinch their pockets. After cutting on the quantity of vegetables, people have to gear themselves up to pay extra sums for non-subsidized liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which was augmented by Rs 16.5 per cylinder on Tuesday.

This increase in cooking gas is going to hurt the budget of several families who need more than 12 cylinders per year for cooking food. The lower class people are left with no option other that to cook their meals via some other alternatives as they can’t afford shelling out more than Rs. 400 to get an LPG cylinder.

Though government did not consider moving up the rates of kerosene, which is an important household fuel from past several decades, but what then if it will get raised in the near future! How and what people will get to cook and eat as soaring rates of commodities are making them cut off their expenditures and utilize the same to buy vegetables, pulses, grains and milk.

Weak monsoon by this time has added to their concerns. Inflated rates of onions, potato, tomato, along with cabbage, capsicum, beans, cauliflower etc. are not allowing them to buy these kitchen staples in the amount that could adequately fill empty stomachs. Though experts say that good monsoon is expected to hit several states by July 7, further leading to an improved cultivation. Hoarders were crack down in the national capital during the massive raid yesterday. Significant stocks of onions and around 12,000 quintals of grains have been recovered.

If these items will be sold in the market then there is a possibility of finding people walking back to their homes with a broad smile. As of now, nothing can be said certain about the shower, which is lifeline for seasonal crops to grow. Residents will have to bear the burden of price rises for some more time.

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