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Unpredictable Weather Makes People Fall Ill; Cold & Cough Cases Increase in the City

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Unpredictable Weather Makes People Fall Ill; Cold & Cough Cases Increase in the City

August 01
11:34 2014

rain slightNew Delhi, Friday, August 1 – People are finding their survival difficult these days as erratic weather has made them suffer from a number of diseases. If truth be told then 30 percent of the total Delhi crowd is suffering from severe cold and cough, which may further give rise to headache and high fever.

After witnessing sporadic rainfall on Thursday that lasted just for a few minutes, residents had to pass their evening in a humid environment. Prediction of rainfall in the city hasn’t been right for more than a few occasions. Not only Delhi, but also several states have observed less precipitation as of now than earlier anticipated. Patients complaining about common cold, sinus, asthma and skin allergy have thronged the health centres. Renowned physicians and specialists of the metropolitan city are treating people who are affected by upper respiratory tract infections.

With a slight respite from searing heat and the prevailing moisture percent in the atmosphere, spreading of viruses and bacteria is on the increase. Possibility of downpour in the city remains on the cards but weather is probable to be full of humidity and dampness. No breather from sticky summer is visible at the moment

Since days have been cloudy from past several days, people have lesser exposure to sunlight that makes it possible for germs to endure in the body for a long time. This is the reason why the masses are left with no option other than to suffer from mild or high fever, sore throat, cold, flu and even food infection. Chances of mosquito borne diseases are on the rise, especially attacking the inhabitants who do not cover themselves from head to toe while sleeping in open areas.

Cases of acute diarrhea are reported as well in the hospitals for the reason that people ignore personal hygiene in the season and take in less or contaminated water. Everyone must try to keep their hands clean before having their meals; wear the clothes that are appropriately dried under sun to avoid skin rashes; and use handkerchiefs if coughing and sneezing continuously. It is better to avoid visiting at the places that are generally crowded, said the doctors.

Humidity in the national capital will increase with each passing day from 47 percent to 75 percent. Slight showers may be observed early next week but till then people would have to survive in a weather which restricts them to turn coolers & air conditioners on and increase moisture at a time when only fans are used to cool the body. The fluctuations in climatic conditions are likely to get halted post August 10.

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