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Traffic Jams during Rush Hours Irritate Delhi People

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Traffic Jams during Rush Hours Irritate Delhi People

July 22
15:13 2014

trafficNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 22 – Traffic jams in the national capital is now irritating the masses. Miles-long traffic jams in different streets of the city make people get back to their homes a bit late than the scheduled time post office hours.

Nothing can be bad than getting stuck on roads while going for work or returning home. A lot of time gets wasted when jams clog major streets. The issue has worsened a tad more despite several u-turns and newly constructed flyovers.  Sluggish speeds of vehicles and longer trip times add to commuters’ worry.

If a recent report is to be believed then people are left with no option other than to spend significant amount of their time on the streets only. Even though a number of daily travelers use metro trains for commuting from one place to the other but scenario of traffic hasn’t changed in various areas.

At a stage when unexpected showers hit Delhi and NCR regions, the problem of massive traffic jams is always on cards. Traffic congestion thanks to cars, buses, public transport and e-rickshaws are bringing chaos to Delhiites. Devising an optimal solution doesn’t seem easy at the present given that residents, who have to cover smaller distance, avoid traveling by metro and use personal vehicle that further gives birth to huge obstruction on the roads.

Improper parking of cars and bike in various regions like Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar market and so on intensifies the difficulty for the residents. Major traffic is witnessed in early hours as well. People should avoid taking out big cars on the roads when it is not required. Wiser use of automobile can control this situation to a certain extent, allowing others to get rid of traffic issues, said a transport expert.

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