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The New York Community wants to see how Halle breaks through the pain-points of public blockchain

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The New York Community wants to see how Halle breaks through the pain-points of public blockchain

September 19
17:50 2019

On Sunday, September 15 (local time in US), HalleChain held a thematic community meeting titled “The New York Community wants to see how Halle breaks through the pain-points of public blockchain” in New York, US. Dozens of public blockchain practitioners and community member representatives from New York gathered joyfully to exchange ideas. They had a heated discussion about the pain-points of public blockchain’s commercial applications as well as the community development and ecological construction of Halle public blockchain.   

At the beginning of activity, Mike McGuire, Manager of HalleChain Community in North America, hosted this meeting and introduced the recent situation of Halle public blockchain. Mike mainly shared from “Halle ecosystem”, “Halle vision”, “pain-points of public blockchain”, etc. In his opinion, HalleChain was established with the original intention to create an applied public blockchain easy for implementation of global commercial applications.

At present, many public blockchains pay too much attention to technological development, but ignore the commercial application scenarios, causing difficulty in implementation of public blockchain’s commercial applications. However, Halle is devoted to becoming a pioneer of applied public blockchain for global new commercial system to connect enterprises and users.

Firstly, Halle will build a universal technology platform for enterprises and users, digitalize assets, and combine its own commercial resource advantages to create a blockchain commercial ecosphere centered on Halle public blockchain.

Later on, Mike answered many questions asked by community member representatives in detail. When Bushra, a member representative, raised a question about features which distinguished HalleChain from other public blockchains, Mike put an emphasis on talking about HalleChain’s technical features and innovation.

Aimed at the universal technical matters of existing public blockchain, Halle’s technical team has made some improvements, including application program upgrade, bug fix, blockchain platform utilization for free, low latency, serial optimization, chain-cross protocol, etc. Based on these improvements, HalleChain will be a public blockchain available for expanding large-scale global commercial application in the future, nearly without any service charge and supporting high page views and high concurrency, featured by being light, fast and open, etc.

When giving a reply to the community member representative Louis’s question about the allocation problem of HALE, the token of Halle public blockchain, Mike said that 60% of tokens would be used for rewarding the community hash power mining, 15% used for community fund-raising, 15% used for community construction and incentive plan, and the remaining 10% used for team motivation.

In the round table discussion link, the members being present also shared their own experience and opinions in the blockchain field, and exchanged ideas about the investment of Bitcoin and digital currency.

When talking about the value of public blockchain, the community members widely believed that as an underlying framework in the blockchain world, the public blockchain greatly influenced the upper application efficiency, cost and user experience, and played a mainstay role in the blockchain world. In addition, Bitcoin has existed for more than ten years, and its technological development is still thriving and robust.

The industry should gradually go back to rationality after declining in 2018, and make technological development and commercial application implementation, especially the commercial ecosystem of public blockchain. It can be widely seen that there are few blockchains with commercial implementation in the world. Everyone hopes Halle Foundation and Halle Community will make persistent efforts to promote the implementation of industry applications, and develop technology in a down-to-earth manner. It is believed that in the near future, Halle can create the future of blockchain economy together.

At last, all community members took a group photo to mark the occasion, and shouted the slogan of “HalleChain Changes Your Life” loudly. It is very grateful to all community member representatives attending New York Meetup of Halle Community this time. This community conference will be of great significance to both construction and development of HalleChain Community in North America, as well as lay a good foundation for HalleChain’s community development all over the world.

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