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The composition, Development Strategy and Future deployment of Utopia

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The composition, Development Strategy and Future deployment of Utopia

August 15
20:11 2019

A Utopia is an ideal world created by people with common goals all over the world — to create a decentralized, honest and fair financial system independent of the existing financial system, which is controlled by the society itself and not monitored by any state. It aims to gather people with common goals to form a huge community, popularize bitcoin together, promote the growth of bitcoin exchange rate, and improve or improve the personal life of each Utopia communicator.

Utopia consists of three parts, which will work together to create a new financial system:

1. Use the asset reserve of bitcoin to popularize the most valuable and reliable virtual currency.

2. Based on secure, extensible and reliable blockchain, ensure that every investor can enjoy fair and just investment results.

3. Complete decentralization. Community development is governed by all bitcoin holders, which is no longer restricted by centralized financial institutions.

2. Why choose Utopia? Utopia is a new bright spot in the digital world. We strive to represent progress, development and progress. We will open the door to a “new world” by building new financial relationships that are decentralized, honest and fair. “Utopia” represents “an ideal world”, which was put forward by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Utopia is striving to be ideal-in the digital world.

3. How does Utopia work? In the past 10 years, bitcoin has continued to show positive growth, with an average annual return of 282% from 2009 to 2012, 38843% from 2013 to 2016, and 190% from 2017 to 2018. Even if 2018 experienced a one-year bear market, if it was held on January 1, 2017, it still achieved a 380% return by December 31, 2018. With the popularity of BTC, the more demand, the higher the price, the future still has a fairly objective return. Bitcoin exchange rate growth curve is enough to make the members of Utopia community make huge profits.So our strategy is right and our goal is being achieved.

4. Why launch Utopia? For the last 10 years, bitcoin has been growing in a positive way. Its price depends on the demand. By influencing the exchange rate of bitcoin profitably, we need your help in this and make you get a stable passive income.

V. development strategy Attract investors: use MLM’s best practices to create a new world of investors. Invest in Utopia: jointly drive the growth of bitcoin exchange rate. Profit: each participant has a passive income that improves his or her personal life. This will be a great financial revolution, and all participants in Utopia will work together to build a financial system that is governed by communities: no cheating, no exploitation, and everyone is equal. If you are ready to become an active participant in Utopia, and you are ready to invest your time in developing and spreading this idea to others, as well as what bitcoin is, Utopia is ready to compensate you for your time and regularly allocate support according to your activity performance. Utopia is a completely new society: fair, just, honest and reliable; There were no slaves, no slave owners, and no money in the sense we have it today. People work for fun and contribute to society! Good will triumphs over evil! The ideal of Utopia in the new world will surely come true!

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