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The evaluation of feisou lemon flavored shampoo

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The evaluation of feisou lemon flavored shampoo

August 15
18:00 2019

Are you worried about your oily hair during the summer? Today, the bloggers come to recommend a good thing feisou lemon flavored shampoo, which allows you to enjoy the summer days without the trouble of oily hair.

Appearance: The bottle of feisou shampoo is completely simple. With a black small mushroom cap and a cylindrical body, it looks very small and exquisite. With a capacity of 250ml, the shampoo bottle can be easily hold in your hand.

pH value: 5.5

feisou shampoo has a pH value of 5.5, which is close to the one of the scalp, deeply cleaning and nourishing the scalp.

Scent: lemon

After opening the cap and tearing open the sealing paper, there will be a touch of lemon scent. When you are shampooing, the agreeable aroma will fill the bathroom. Adopting lemon essential oil instead of essence to flavoring, the shampoo gives out a more natural scent.

Texture: transparent liquid

It is not recommended to pour too much shampoo in the palm because it will run away. The bottle cap may be a good measuring container  people with long hairs can use 2-3 caps of shampoo, and people with short hairs can use about 1-2 caps of shampoo.

Foam: The foam is fine, airy, much lighter than normal shampoo foam, and easy to rinse.

Ingredients and efficacy

Citrus Limon essential oil: It can promote the metabolism of scalp, effectively regulate the secretion of oil, and restore the hair to a fluffy and fresh state.

Grapefruit peel oil: It promotes the secretion of hyaluronic acid and moisturizes hair.

Nicotinamide: It can promote the blood circulation in the scalp and prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

Trehalose: It has a stable cell membrane and protein structure, being called natural small molecular moisturizer.

Using experience: It can remove excess oil and dirt from the scalp mildly and regulate the oil secretion properly. After shampooing, the hair becomes fresh and fluffy.

Take care of your hair and enjoy the oil-free summer!

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