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CCL Issues the ACP a Retraction in Benefits of Turmeric Powder Health Article

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CCL Issues the ACP a Retraction in Benefits of Turmeric Powder Health Article

August 13
06:22 2019
Coconut Country Living has retracted a misquote of the American College of Pediatrics in regard to its Benefits of Turmeric Powder released that celebrated Immunization Awareness Month. It stands by its policy of healthy superfoods over vaccinations.

Michael DiSalvo, author of Coconut Country Living’s (CCL’s) article “7 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Powder to Strengthen Health and Beautify the Body” celebrating Immunization Awareness Month, today issued a correction of the press release publicizing the article relevant to the vaccination debate.

The quote, which was actually a misquote, had a representative from The American College of Pediatricians (ACP), saying that vaccinations were ‘potentially “dangerous”‘, when the article referenced concerned the HPV vaccine only and never used the word “dangerous”.

Michael DiSalvo, the author and CEO from Coconut Country Living, and organic superfoods company, issued the correction:

“After learning about the apparent skepticism that the ACP had from Vaccine Impact’s Article, “American College of Pediatricians Latest to Warn of Gardasil HPV Vaccine Dangers”, we thought it safe to say that the ACP saw potential danger in vaccines, especially Gardasil. This conclusion was gathered from several statements from the Vaccine Impact article, including the cited quote ‘A causal relationship between human papillomavirus vaccines (if not Gardasil® specifically) and ovarian dysfunction cannot be ruled out at this time.’ We fully realize that it is a bit naive to think the ACP would think vaccines in general would be potentially ‘dangerous’ since almost all pediatricians administer and believe in vaccines.

However, we do admire and respect the work of medical doctors such as Dr Sherri Tenpenny, DO, who have left their practices to speak out about the potential danger of vaccines, and instead use more natural methods to improve immunity. And we continue to believe all doctors should go in that direction until vaccine safety is proven.”

Mr DiSalvo’s retraction and clarification underscores how much controversy remains in the vaccine debate, but Coconut Country Living remains dedicated to spreading the truth about alternatives to vaccines, especially the superfood turmeric, with its proven record of healing and hope, with thousands of studies showing its benefits. This is why the company believes that no more than ever consumers need to be properly informed about the best way to take care of their family’s health.

Though its article ‘7 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Powder to Strengthen Health and Beautify the Body‘ itself has no erroneous quotes in it, customers who read the article can get informed about the uses of turmeric powder in their food for autoimmune benefits and protection with any purchase of Coconut Country Living’s Amazon’s Choice organic turmeric powder.

Access to the complimentary e-book The History of Turmeric’s Secret Benefits for Health and Beauty can be found at the website or through the turmeric powder listing for customers interested in improving their health through proven superfoods.

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