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feisou shampoo, helping people care their sensitive scalps

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feisou shampoo, helping people care their sensitive scalps

August 13
05:44 2019

With the thickness of about 1.476 mm, scalp is the second thinnest and the second most vulnerable human skin right after the one around eyes. People tend to overlook the care of the scalp, while scalp sensitivity is actually the same as facial skin sensitivity. Once your scalp becomes sensitive, whether seasonal change or the use of new hair care products or even excessive stress may be reflected on it: scalp itching, dandruff, and even hair loss.

Scalp sensitivity is different from scalp allergy. Sensitive scalp is more susceptible to allergies than healthy scalp, thus it needs special care; scalp allergy is a skin inflammation, and people suffering which may require professional treatment in serious cases. Today our topic is the former one.

Have you found an interesting rule? Many bad symptoms are caused by both internal and external factors, and scalp sensitivity is no exception. Common internal factors such as overwork, mental tension, circadian rhythm disorders that cause scalp sensitivity can cause the metabolism in human body to fail to function properly, which also affects the metabolism of the scalp and make it become sensitive and fragile.

There are also many external factors. If you like to eat spicy and greasy food or have the habits of smoking and drinking, the grease secretion will be greatly intensified and easy to breed bacteria, which will cause a sensitive scalp, which is flaky or itchy.

Seasonal changes can also cause scalp sensitivity. Not only do changes in temperature and humidity make some people’s facial skin sensitive, but during this time it also leaves the delicate scalp  vulnerable. Once you have received a little external stimulation, it is very easy to cause allergic symptoms.

The inappropriate shampoos can not solve people’s scalp problems, on the contrary, it will increase the burden on it.

feisou shampoo adopts the mild amino acid surfactant (a degradable, natural-derived surfactant that acts as a cleansing and foaming agent in shampoos) without adding flavor or other irritating ingredients. People can use feisou shampoo with confidence even when their scalps are in a sensitive period.

In addition, often exposed to the ultraviolet radiation, excessive use of chemicals such as tint and perm agent, and even washing hair with hot water can make vulnerable scalps become sensitive. For  maintaining a healthy scalp, people should avoid above stimulation and care their scalps attentively.

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