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feisou shampoo is a gift to people using “hard water”

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feisou shampoo is a gift to people using “hard water”

August 13
05:33 2019

The “hard water” and “soft water” that people often say are actually distinguished by the minerals (especially calcium and magnesium ions) contained in the water. According to the World Health Organization, water with a calcium and magnesium content of less than 120 mg per liter of water is “soft water”, such as rainwater, snow water and distilled water. On the contrary, the content of calcium and magnesium is higher than 120mg in “hard water”, such as river water.

Over the years, there has been a debate surrounding the topic of whether hard water can damage hair. In 2014, a research paper entitled Effects of Hard Water on Hair was published in the International Journal of Trichology. After research and experiments, a conclusion was reached: Water hardness has no effect on the tensile strength and elasticity of hair. However, in 2016, an academic paper “Effect of topical application of hard water in weakening of hair in men” gives different conclusions, and it is considered that the tensile strength of hair treated with hard water is significantly reduced.

This puzzling conclusion is not difficult to understand when you think about it. After all, while studying water quality and hair, it may also be affected by many factors such as individual characteristics and shampooing methods. It’s interesting that there are a lot of people who say that when they go to a place with hard water, they have a much smaller amount of hair.

Not considering whether hard water can affect the hair or not, just out of caution, it is recommended that people use an acidic shampoo when the domestic water is hard water (with a pH value greater than 7), because the scalp is weakly acidic, people need to use such a hair care product to maintain the acid-base balance of it. Most shampoos placed on the shelves in supermarkets are alkaline with strong cleansing power, but feisou shampoo adopts degradable amino acid surfactants, without adding flavors, pigments or thickeners, and it is weakly acidic. feisou has launched four kinds of shampoos, which have the functions of controlling oil, strengthening hair roots, controlling dandruff and relieving scalp itching, and nourishing hair, so that people with different hair problems can choose their perfect shampoos.

Although there is no recognized statement emphasizing that the hardness of the water will affect the hair condition, when the soap or laundry detergent is not easy to foam, the scale deposit is attached to the kettle, and people are really facing problems of dry hair and even hair loss, they need to start doing something such as installing a water softener and using a weak acidic shampoo.

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