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Dark horse on the “5G + blockchain” track: 5GT

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Dark horse on the “5G + blockchain” track: 5GT

August 13
04:55 2019

On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued 5G commercial licenses to three major operators (include China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom) and China Radio and Television, marking China’s entry into the 5G era in an all-round way, and 5G technology will also bring a new market of US$100 million. At the same time, the block chain industry also aims at the new concept of 5G + block chain.

The industry believes that the “block chain + 5G”  will work together to solve a series of problems in the block chain industry. 5G provides excellent infrastructure services for point-to-point information transmission and value exchange in block chain networks. The greatest promotion effect of 5G technology on block chain is to make the data under the chain transmit faster in wireless environment, that is, to promote the data up-link under the chain; on the other hand, block chain helps 5G solve some short boards of the underlying communication protocol, and uses technologies such as zero-knowledge proof in the block chain to protect user privacy, transaction security, trust and so on.Therefore, the development of “block chain + 5G” technology has great potential in the future.

A New Public Chain Ecology Born in the Context of 5G Era-5GT

5GT knows that in order to fully release the potential of 5G, it is necessary to integrate science and technology, which is also the key of 5G as a catalyst for enabling vertical industries. Due to the high degree of interconnection between devices, malicious devices may cause confusion in the network. With the promotion of 5G network, transactions and payments between these devices will grow explosively. By then, the current financial infrastructure will be vulnerable. Block chains can help 5G to solve the two obstacles of security and scalability.。

5GT will take advantage of the non-tampering characteristics and consensus mechanism of block chains, and bring into play the characteristics of data traceability, data authenticity, rapid response, member management, asset digitization and process intelligence of block chains, so as to provide security guarantee for the Internet of Things. Intelligent contracts provide a reliable underlying protocol for applications and transactions.

Point-to-point network

As a distributed system, block chain technology can be widely used in the Internet of Things. Block chain adopts a P2P (Peer to Peer) network architecture, and 5G technology also uses device-to-device communication mode. The combination of the two provides a good solution for device collaboration in the Internet of Things.

Ultra-low delay

At the same time, the high data transmission rate brought by 5G technology, together with the new generation of block chain network architecture, can make high response speed between devices, and expand the application scope of Internet of Things technology.

Higher security

Block chain technology and 5G technology make it possible to communicate between devices. The Internet of Things can form a network system without central server, which can reduce the impact of DDOS and other attack means, and make the whole system more robust and secure.


About 5GT

5G era – 5 Generation Times (5GT) is a comprehensive digital application ecological platform based on “Block Chain + 5G”. It is facing the new trend of the new block chain industry. 5GT is establishing an omni-directional and multi-domain digital public chain including digital assets, digital transactions, 5G integration, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Through professional technical team, starting from the safety, efficiency, capacity and handling capacity of public chain, combined with the concept of “block chain + 5G” technology, millions of transactions per second are possible, the development efficiency of digital intelligent commerce is improved, and the flourishing development of block chain industry ecology is boosted.

Recently, 5GT has reached a strategy with SeedPlus, a well-known investment institution in Singapore. SeedPlus was officially founded in 2016 by Jungle Ventures, a well-known venture capital firm, and cooperates with SGInnovate, Accel Partners (India) and Ratan Tata’s NT Associates. SeedPlus, supported by Google and PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore, is committed to start-ups in emerging technology areas such as SaaS, mobile, financial technology, artificial intelligence and network security, looking for emerging companies that could subvert the industry globally. This time, the two sides will have in-depth cooperation in 5G technology, block chain technology and encrypted digital currency.


At present, the development of “block chain + 5G” chain technology is still in its early stage, and its long-term development is destined to be a long-distance race track to test endurance. And 5GT’s clear understanding of the development situation of “block chain + 5G” will make it invincible to the future trend struggle!

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