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Pricey Veggies & Fruits All Set to Disturb Household Budgets

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Pricey Veggies & Fruits All Set to Disturb Household Budgets

April 16
09:53 2015

veg greenNew Delhi, Thursday, April 16 – Given that untimely rainfall affected the production of various crops in the last 1 month, inadequate output has made vegetable vendors to sell a number of kitchen staples at a high price. A rapid rise and fall is a common trend in the vegetable market.  But if truth be told then prices often soar than go down, disturbing household budget to a certain extent.

If actual picture of grocery shops and wholesale vegetable market is to be drawn then consumer are usually taken by surprise thanks to the unevenness in price structure of varieties of veggies & fruits. Most of the vegetables are offered at Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kilo at present. The figures are adequate to tell a family having 5 or more members will either compromise on the quantity or nutrition since it is not easy for middle and lower class populace to buy several kilos of vegetables in one go due to unreasonable prices.

Bottle gourds are sold at Rs 60, while lady finger, peas and ridged gourds are offered at Rs 80. For 250 grams of carrots, people are asked to shell out Rs 15.  “Weather is changing fast. Sometimes showers and every so often it is intense heat and dampness that are responsible for price rise. We are bearing the loss since quality of veggies drop during approaching summers. Most of the sellers are left with no option but to get at least the amount they spent to purchase vegetables” said a vendor who was a tad disappointing to see consumers dropping the idea to buy pumpkins, sweet potato, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, capsicum, bottle gourd, mushrooms and brinjal post confirming the rates.

People heaved a sigh of relief to find potato in the range of Rs 10 and Rs 15. Tomatoes and onions are being sold at Rs 30 and Rs 35, respectively. But rates of common and unseasonal vegetables will continue to pinch customers’ pocket until the fresh stocks don’t reach in the market. The masses are fed up of shelling out extra money to get lemon, garlic, ginger, carrots, cucumber, radish and leafy vegetables. Many homemakers give preference to the veggies which can be stored for several weeks, remain fresh and hold actual taste post cooking.

According to recent reports, more than a few kitchen staples will stay costly. However, signs of some relief are also apparent as supply is anticipated to improve after a week or two. The edible greens will soon be offered at feasible amounts. As of now, customers require to splurge if they wish to relish fruits like banana, pomegranate, mango, grapes and water melon.


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