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A Treat of Sleep Pivotal to Wake Up Beautiful, Says Research

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A Treat of Sleep Pivotal to Wake Up Beautiful, Says Research

April 16
15:06 2015

smileNew Delhi, Thursday, April 16 – Importance of undisturbed 6 to 8 hour sleep is known to all. Still, many people do not recognize its importance until they see some fine lines of aging on face & forehead and dark circles under the eyes.

According to a research, those who do not compromised with their uninterrupted nap feel more younger and energetic as compared to those who spend time in drinking, waking up till 4 am for clubbing and partying with friends. A person appears a tad older with her skin if she did not sleep well the previous day. If same story continues for long then the pace of aging becomes faster.

To get the natural glow, people should watch the calorie content and must drink at least 10 to 12 glass of water per day. Besides these points, a considerable weight is carried by power naps being crucial to erase the tiring looks. If one wishes to stay beautiful even after fifty then he/she needs to follow discipline in life as carefulness regarding A to Z aspects at a young age sets the base for happier life while growing old, the research stated further.


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