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Hotter Day in Delhi At Last Makes Summer Knock at the Door

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Hotter Day in Delhi At Last Makes Summer Knock at the Door

April 20
10:56 2015

summer earlyNew Delhi, Monday, April 20 – Delhi people got to experience the arrival of hotter days in the national capital on Sunday when intense heat let them sweat. The residents woke up to a clear & brighter morning a day ago. Since weathermen already anticipated rise in temperature during the weekend, it was sure that no rain is going to come to rescue this time.

The mercury shot up in the region all of a sudden during the noontime yesterday. Several inhabitants were seen wiping their face. Air conditioners and coolers have started to offer comfort to the populace as much as possible. The increase in demand for room cooling equipments is alone adequate to tell the masses are gearing up with indispensable measure to beat the heat.

Summer has just arrived. After witnessing spells of sudden showers a few days ago, the Delhiites are preparing themselves to gather all possible things that could lend a hand to them to pass hot climatic conditions with so much ease. However, this is not going to be sufficient in any condition as power cuts, heat waves and sun-drenched hours right from early morning till evening will keep on bothering them every now and then.

The power outages have already increased in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. Situations might get troublesome during May and June, the months when people are left with no option but to reel under severe heat conditions. According to current reports related to weather condition of the city then maximum temperature will vary in the range of 37 degree Celsius & 39 degree Celsius and minimum temperature between 23 degree Celsius and 29 degree Celsius. The mercury will touch the mark of 40 degree Celsius in next to no time. Speed of the gust will augment from 13 km per hour to 24 km per hour. The ratio of humidity will also see a rise and go up from 19 to 28 percent this week. All in all, the recent climatic conditions are setting the base for hot and humid environment in the metro city. Troubles are not going to end in the near future.

Bright sunshine will greet the population as of now. No sign of precipitation in the coming days is seen. Climate in Lucknow and nearby areas will also be bothersome with maximum and minimum temperatures soaring to 39 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius, respectively. Partly cloudy days in the Uttar Pradesh’s capital are supposed to offer a bit relief but that will not last for a long time. Summerlike situations in Jaipur, Rajasthan, will affect the mob to a great extent thanks to extreme hot weather. In contrast, Jammu and Kashmir will receive 40 percent rainfall. But soon hot winds and sun will create similar circumstances as of other states in the valley as well.


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