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Citrus Fruits Add To Shine On Face & Skin If Consumed Regularly, Finds Study

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Citrus Fruits Add To Shine On Face & Skin If Consumed Regularly, Finds Study

April 21
15:40 2015

orangeNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 21 – A perfect diet chart is important to keep a check on the calorie intake in 24 hours. The food consumption is to be balanced if leading a life with full energy tops the priority list of the populace. The hungry stomach should be filled with some amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins and other essential elements. Rather than munching the food, it would be great to include fruits in daily diet, finds a new study.

It states that eating grapes or having orange & pineapple juice are the best means to add to the shine on face what one might not even get after taking facial. Breakfast should be light but nutritious. Wholegrain meals are perfect to take during the lunch time. Fruits can be eaten during the teatime (with no tea) or at night post dinner. The choice to incorporate a variety of citrus fruit depends of one’s personal taste.

Grapefruit, kaffir lime, meyer lemon and tangerine should be eaten on a daily basis as these got the property to remove acne scars and make skin look brighter and young. Eating jams and marmalades also have several health benefits if taken in limited quantity, the research mentions further while describing the advantages of having pulpy fruits as much as possible.


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