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Intense Heat in Capital Starts to Restrict Populace to Stay Indoors

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Intense Heat in Capital Starts to Restrict Populace to Stay Indoors

April 22
10:16 2015

heatNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 22 – Summer season has finally knocked at the doors of capital. The sun-drenched days have started to create a number of problems for the populace as the heat gets intense in the early hours and holds similar intensity during the sunset. April wasn’t supposed to be that much warmer, keeping in mind the percentage of rainfall during late March and early this month.

More to this point, the climate in the same period a year ago was not harsh on skin, letting people spend quality time with kin by exploring amazing places of the metropolitan city.  As of today, maximum and minimum temperatures will be 39 degree Celsius and 22 degree Celsius, respectively.

People who have to commute on a daily basis to attend office, schools and colleges or required to accomplish their roles properly to earn their bread and butter are the ones who are reeling under hot climatic conditions more as compared to those who are staying at home. The intensity in the heat is supposed to grow further in the coming days. Since the heat is on, breaching 40 degree Celsius a couple of days ago, the time has come when it is supposed to break and set new records.

Dampness will increase from 17 percent to 29 percent, while speed of the wind will decrease from 21 to 11 till Sunday. The higher temperature will go up to 41 degree Celsius by early next week. If truth be told then hot situations are going to be common scenario in the coming months. Rain probabilities aren’t strong enough and in fact not apparent in the near term.

Doctors advise inhabitants to keep on increasing the water intake as its deficiency gives birth to dehydration, faintness and loss of energy. “It’s better to eat some bites less than what one actually consumes regularly but no compromises should be made on the liquid intake. To stay energetic and beat the heat, fresh fruit juices and a few probiotic drinks should be taken as well”, the health experts added further.


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