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Save Energy to Save Future of Coming Generations

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Save Energy to Save Future of Coming Generations

April 22
14:07 2015

powerNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 22 – Imagining a life without power is next to impossible in this day and age as this being the key need of human beings. Electricity is vital for survival as people are now totally dependent on the energy.

Right from early morning till late at night, the residents make best use of electricity in different ways.  Charging cell mobile phones & laptops, heating water in winters, blending & chopping through mixer grinder, turning on the room heaters, fans & air conditioners, ironing clothes, watching television and removing dirt and stains from clothes through washing machines are some of the crucial tasks in the majority of Indian households.

The absence of power even only for few hours, especially in summer, is alone able to irritate the masses who want to enjoy a sound sleep at the end of the day post completing all their daily chores on the dot. If truth be told then the entire work comes to halt as soon as electricity supply gets interrupted.

If imagining human survival without power doesn’t seem possible at present then would it be right to leave future generations in the trough of problems? Why not to save it when the task is so easy? Only a few simple steps are required which will help coming generations to comfortably survive. Unplug all the switch tops when they are not needed to be used. Turn off the ACs, fans, kitchen equipments, household appliances, coolers and TV sets while leaving the room.

The more one saves, the more he enjoys in the future. Same is applicable for saving power as well.  In order to motivate populace residing in different parts of the world, earth hour is celebrated. It is a global event that is organized every year, requesting people to turn off lights for an hour in view of the fact that motto is to spur families and business groups to ensure their participation in the movements and make it successful. It is of course a brilliant step but there wouldn’t have been any need for such events had the public been able to know the significance of saving electricity themselves.  Such programs raise awareness but it would have been amazing if citizens are aware of not misusing the resources.

As the Earth Day falls today, people should come forward to take the responsibility of changing their attitude to contribute in making the surroundings healthier. Self-motivation is pivotal at this stage. Many of us must have felt the transitions in the cycle of climatic conditions with each passing year. Summers turn unbearable these days thanks to continuous use of air conditioners, which throw warm air outside. Knowledge about its apt usage is important as we can’t afford playing with the nature, which is able to show its worst face when people try to disturb it. Save electricity to build a healthy environment where young generations could think of leading a good life.


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