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Tremors in India, Nepal Cause Huge Distress; UP & Bihar Schools to Remain Shut for 2 Days

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Tremors in India, Nepal Cause Huge Distress; UP & Bihar Schools to Remain Shut for 2 Days

April 27
16:08 2015

nepalNew Delhi, Monday, April 27 – People in Nepal are in sheer distress after tremors struck the mountainous nation on Saturday and even Sunday. As per latest available data, more than 3500 residents have lost their lives so far. The 7.9 magnitude tremor left a series of destruction from the passages of Kathmandu to far-flung areas.

Phone lines and internet services aren’t working properly, making communication part extremely tough. 56 died in Bihar and 12 in Uttar Pradesh post succumbing to injuries they met after the collapse of trees, houses etc. Three deaths have been reported in West Bengal as well. The schools in UP and Bihar have been closed for two days, keeping in mind the warnings of earthquakes in the near term. Here is to mention that tremors do not kill people. The structures that are damaged and aren’t earthquake resistant emerge as a key reason behind hundreds of thousands of death.

Nepal is worst hit by the tremors. Rescue operations aren’t easy as of now given that a number of buildings collapsed after not being able to bear the intensity of earthquake. Those who managed to escape death and returned safely to India were all words of praise for Modi government. Around 2500 Indians were brought to the country in the last two days.“ The quickness Prime Minister of India and his teams showed to help sufferers is commendable. Had they been not so fast in taking action, the death toll could have increased”, said a bunch of young men who were brought safe and sound in the country.

22 mountaineers are reportedly been killed in the Everest base camp. Indian government proclaimed INR 6 lakh compensation to the relatives of those who lost their lives in this natural disaster. Not to forget that panic gripped nation once again when earthquakes were felt at around 12:40 p.m. on Sunday in Delhi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow etc. Causalities in Nepal shook the world since it being the epicenter. The place is popular among tourists but the country is full of debris now which will take time to remove. The most popular nine-storey Dharhara Tower in Kathmandu toppled, killing nearly 250 visitors. Rain added to discomfort a day ago.

According to the latest reports, many sufferers are thronging hospitals to get proper treatment. The medicines aren’t adequate to treat the patients. People in Nepal praised efforts by India in such a troublesome situation, however, weren’t too happy with the arrangements done by their government. Many were seen struggling to manage a space to save themselves from precipitation. Food scarcity is also appearing as a big problem in Nepal. 10 teams of NDRF are already sent there to give a hand to the inhabitants eying quick relief. 6 more are yet to reach affected areas as early as possible.

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