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Does Shaking a Leg Imperative at Every Stage Today?

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Does Shaking a Leg Imperative at Every Stage Today?

April 13
13:07 2015

danceNew Delhi, Monday, April 13 – The title of the write-up may bother a few but post seeing some contestants of a cookery show during its grand finale performing on a few Bollywood songs gave a birth to a number of questions in mind that is shaking a leg crucial on each platform.

There is nothing wrong to dance but what if any of the finalists wouldn’t have any familiarity with steps. A program that is devoted to take the passion of cooking to a next level ended with several performances by the contestants and celebrity guests.

Aren’t we heading to lead a life where dance and music play pivotal role? Watching people move rhythmically to music isn’t weird on television but aren’t we actually motivating kids to be outstanding just in this field. Film and TV industry get more limelight than any other profession. It is human desire to be popular and famous and they find medium of TV an easy way to attain their goals.

What will exactly be the scenario after 10 to 20 years if each child would like to make a career in this field? Why not technopreneur, medical professionals, car makers, inventors of something unheard and unseen are given weightage as compared to B-town stars? Why struggles of a student aren’t important to world as they are keen to know about celebrities.

It is perhaps the time when people belonging to different profession need to think in deep. The lately concluded cookery show was super hit but it would have been a wonderful end to the program had some dishes were cooked live and guests were asked to vote. People will, of course, may contradict this but certainly relate with some points too.

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