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Bright Sunny Day to Greet Delhi Residents, Take Mercury Up

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Bright Sunny Day to Greet Delhi Residents, Take Mercury Up

April 10
10:48 2015

summer 3New Delhi, Friday, April 10 – The hint of summers’ arrival was apparent since the beginning of this week. However, signals weren’t apparent thanks to the breeze blowing at the pace of 10 km per hour to 18 km per hour. Sunshine would go hazy by the end of the day, letting people be ready for unexpected change in climatic conditions.

As per recent data related to weather, Delhi will receive good sunshine at least for a couple of days. Mercury is set to rise and hit the mark of 34 degree Celsius, strengthening possibilities of warmer days ahead. Minimum temperature on Friday will be 19 degree Celsius. Almost similar scenario will be felt on Saturday as well, with humidity increasing from 37 to 38 and wind speed decreasing from 14 km per hour to 11 km per hour. Slight drop in temperature is foreseen on Sunday thanks to partly cloudy day.

Despite some indication of rain early next week, people should gear up for the summer season as maximum temperature may go up to 38 degree Celsius in the middle of April. Some uncertainty in weather could only help them stay away from hot conditions as much as possible. If truth be told, heat will start getting harsh with each passing day.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that inhabitants of the metro city and national capital regions are about to reel under intolerable climate, which is expected to be worsened by plenty of sunshine. A random rise in the selling of pitcher pots, fridge, air conditioners, coolers and fans has been observed. Shopkeepers are happy to see a surge in demand of the equipments that are meant to bring comfort in life in one way or the other.

Many among them have introduced some attractive discounts on the market price to grab attention of the customers. Power cuts in more than a few sectors have already started to bother populace. Under the rule of Aam Aadmi Party, which promised to cut power tariffs before the elections, people consider frequent power outages as one of the common scenarios during peak summer. “There is no timing of power cut, which is lasting up to 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Things aren’t problematic at this stage thanks to bearable weather. But it will of course be troublesome in May and June when we can’t think to switch off the fans even for a minute”, said a few homemakers who have soaring expectations from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.


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