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Peace of Mind Imperative to Put a Milestone in Preferred Zone

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Peace of Mind Imperative to Put a Milestone in Preferred Zone

April 10
12:13 2015

happyNew Delhi, Friday, April 10 – Money matters a lot in everyday life. Whether one accepts or not, it is important to get a number of things done on a right time. It is the money for which people spend 9 to 12 hour in their office, sellers sold their stuff in the wholesale & retail market, actors go through more than a few projects before signing a film, beggars beg on streets and  homemakers keep on stealing cash from husbands’ pocket to save it for future.

Money is certainly imperative as almost no task is possible to achieve without spending the required sums. However, peace of mind surpasses it. The person who lacks it is unhappy in spite of having affluence. It is an old saying that money can buy everything but not happiness and story will remain the same for years and years to come. A few individuals must be having objections in mind on this but to validate the aforementioned statement, several examples can be cited.

Had money been an only source of bliss, none of the celebrities would have committed suicide since cinema being a bigger platform for both established and newcomers to earn name and fame. Many generous people wouldn’t have ever donated their entire assets to an orphanage or in charity had they just survived to maintain their balance in account.

Mental peace ranks above the wealth. Examples are many but preference differs from person to person. And it is the priority that brings the entire difference in life. Some people have the natural greed for property as their motto is to earn as much money as they can. Short cut methods are always a super hit idea among the youngsters. Salary and profits earned in business are crucial as these being the base for bringing home immense joy. Efforts should be made to be a content human being but the more one craves for calmness, the more he grows with each passing day.

Forgiving attitude, several relaxation techniques, meditation, sharing tendency, accepting the reality and taking further steps accordingly are some of the ways through which unmatched gladness can be felt within the heart. Determination and, of course, mental peace help folks walk positively towards the goal, set a benchmark and leave a footprint behind for others to follow.


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