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Summer Slowly Knocks at the Doors in Capital; Rain Chances Yet Loom

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Summer Slowly Knocks at the Doors in Capital; Rain Chances Yet Loom

April 09
15:15 2015

sunny dayNew Delhi, Thursday, April 9 – Slowly and steadily, summer is knocking at the doors of the national capital. Sun spread its sheen to the fullest on Thursday. The bright and sunny day in Delhi cut down the pacifying feel present in the environment which gained foothold after rain in the city a week ago.

According to the weathermen, climatic conditions will get warmer in the near future. But it is yet not going to be harsh as rainfall chances are on the cards that will take the humidity percentage up. Partly cloudy skies during the weekend are supposed to keep the sun out of sight for long. A number of regions might observe some drizzling as well.

As of today, maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius and minimum temperature 19 degree Celsius. These will further ascend up to a few notches, making these to touch the mark of 35 degree Celsius and 21 degree Celsius, respectively. In spite of abundant sunshine, wind pace will be 14 km per hour. This is assumed to go down up to 8 km per hour on Sunday.

Probability of precipitation is seen on Tuesday but after that sky will get clear, to add the warmth in the surroundings. The temperature in the metropolis during early April has so far been bearable. Up till now, people didn’t get an acute indication of approaching summers. They are likely to spend some more days in sheer comfort, however, things will change after a couple of weeks given heat will start showing its severe face.

Weather conditions in other states are also changing. Many Uttar Pradesh regions have started to reel under the intense hot conditions. But scenario will change soon thanks to shower prospect in Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur etc. Rain is expected to wet Shimla as well. In contrast, people residing in Jammu and Kashmir will wake up to a sunny morning.

If truth be told then the inhabitants living in different parts are experiencing huge weather transition, which leads to several health issues. To get rid of this, they need to be attentive and should avoid eating the food sold in open stalls. Feverish body, continuous pain in the back & legs, fatigue and headache are the common symptoms of seasonal flu. If any such signs are observed then health experts’ advice should instantly be sought.


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