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Shiny Hair Defines Healthy Intake of Nutrients in Diet, Says Study

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Shiny Hair Defines Healthy Intake of Nutrients in Diet, Says Study

April 08
15:05 2015

hair careNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 8 – Every girl dreams to show off beautiful hair. Length is not a concern for the reason that keeping it long or short varies from person to person. However, women have got one thing in common and that’s the habit not to compromise with shine in tresses.

As per a latest study, the shinier the hair, the more it speaks about one’s eating habit. If people fail to meet the body nutrition then its direct impact can clearly be seen on the face and hair. Improper diet could lead to hair fall, which gives birth to baldness if not controlled on time.

Good care, apt nourishment, oiling and head & scalp massage are imperative to maintain the luster. Any of these steps when missed takes away the entire sheen, making locks get tangled and frizzy. Apart from taking hair care from outside, maintaining its health from inside is crucial as well.

70 percent of the women interviewed by the study mentioned the significance of including lentils, milk, curd, dry fruits and nuts in regular diet. Besides this, they cited the importance of keeping stress at bay and also an undisturbed sleep for 6 to 8 hours in a day. Those who understand the weight of following indispensable methods to have shiny tresses and follow the same are able to flaunt its attractiveness for several decades to come as compared to those who find hair care something unimportant, the research stated further.


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