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Take Resolution to Offer Health Literacy on World Health Day

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Take Resolution to Offer Health Literacy on World Health Day

April 07
16:07 2015

food healthyNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 7 – One of the toughest challenges in front of both young and old generations is to stay healthy. Inadequate diet, lack of nutrition in food, alcoholic behavior, smoking, insufficient sums to splurge on buying wholesome ingredients etc. are some of the reasons why most of the kids do not show signs of growth both mentally and physically despite getting older with each passing year.

Every year, the World Health Day is celebrated with a distinct theme. Motto is to draw attention to a priority area of public health. Since it’s a wonderful chance for the folks in each community to participate in different activities which can further guide to better health, people must make use of the opportunity that come in way. A few resolutions for themselves and society could help the nation be healthy and happy.

Good health brings joy while poor health and carelessness in eating & drinking are the mood killers. Several issues can be sorted out simply by limiting sugar and salt intake. Slight awareness during weather transition helps individuals steer clear of seasonal flu. Optimal solution against mosquito menace cut down the likelihood of being affected by dengue, encephalitis and malaria. The secret of good lifestyle hides behind small but crucial gauges. Those who keep their health the prime concern are more content than those who don’t.


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