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Overcast Sky, Gust Boost Downpour Probability in Capital

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Overcast Sky, Gust Boost Downpour Probability in Capital

April 02
10:06 2015

rain india gateNew Delhi, Thursday, April 2 – Temperature in Delhi oscillated a few notches up and down in the past few weeks. Sudden showers took inhabitants by surprise on several occasions, while frequent increase in heat intensity gave the hint of early summers to the populace.

The moment people started to gear up with electronic equipments to cut down the threat of harsh heat and sweat during the noontime, sky got overcast and rain wetted the roads without prior notice. Unpredictability of climate has increased to an extent where chances of rainfall, speedy winds, clear sky and humid atmosphere co-exist.

Weather turned pleasant during Wednesday night when chill in the air gave people slight shivers. Partial clouds boosted the rain possibility but it wasn’t witnessed. On Thursday, residents woke up to a sunny morning, however, soothing wind ended all probability of taking the mercury up which is a good news. Here is to mention the colder April is, the higher the prospect of experiencing pleasant summers during peak May and June.

If precipitation continues in Delhi and other states, lasting up till the month-end, the general public wouldn’t need to be much worried post speculating about climatic conditions. According to latest reports about the weather in the metropolitan city, day is going to be hazy with 34 degree Celsius and 21 degree Celsius maximum and minimum temperatures, respectively. Rain is said to occur consecutively for next three days, dipping the mercury to a certain extent.

Weather will get clear early next week, though, the chance of scattered thunderstorm can’t be ignored. If truth be told, cool winds in the environment trim down likelihood of hotter days in the near future and these are anticipated to blow at the pace of 11 km per hour to 16 km per hour. Good gathering might be seen at various Delhi destinations given residents love to step outside with family and friends to enjoy rain and the joy doubles when such possibilities loom during the weekend.

On the other hand, slight precipitation in Jammu and Kashmir would add to the problems of localites. Weathermen foresee sporadic rain in J&K for next 5 to 6 days. A bit breather is also on the cards but people residing there will take much time to get back into the normal routine. Days in various Uttar Pradesh regions will be sunlit, making maximum temperature to go up to 37 degree Celsius, they said further.


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