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Exposure to Mobile Radiations Affects Children’s Thinking Ability, Cites Study

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Exposure to Mobile Radiations Affects Children’s Thinking Ability, Cites Study

April 01
09:54 2015

phone rad1New Delhi, Wednesday, April 1 – Parents play key role in their children’s development. And they do their bit to keep them safe from all types of dangers. The only mistake they do in this day and age is to give smartphones to the little ones, who have least knowledge to operate it but indirectly get exposed to radiations.

Having conversation with family is what everyone likes but it alone gives rise to several health issues.  In the race to make young kids extra advance, people do not give a second thought prior handing them to explore as many as features possible on phone. Rather than expecting their children to hold expertise in operating various old and new applications, it would be better to ask them do friendship with books.

Radiations emitted by cell phone could obstruct their growth in a number of ways. According to a new study, smartphones and latest wireless technology might make young generation to go senile at a very early age. The more children avoid using gadgets, the more they stay away from radiation. For proper mental and physical growth, kids should be motivated to play indoor and outdoor games.

Playing games online is not going to do any good in future. Instead of being all words of praise them when a level is crossed without losing life, kids must be spurred to do better in sports which could help them own good health and strength, enabling tiny tots to be ready to see further challenges with utmost confidence. Cell phone radiations are hazardous and could affect one’s thinking ability as well.

Kids who use chatting tools and tablets show trouble in memorizing chapters and important events of the recent past. Studying with focus is a challenge at present. Despite the fact that phones have become inseparable parts of life today, it is far better to use deviced when required. Extreme brightness of glossy screens housed on modern-day phablets may possibly give birth to eye problems. Even if the radio frequency or microwave radiation is released at a low level, this can have biological effects on people who love operating phones 24 x 7.

Hands-free equipment should be avoided too as it may elevate the emission level into the head by three times which is extremely dangerous. To shun health issues like tumors and liver & kidney problems in late 20s and 30s, access internet, make calls and send messages and emails when it is too urgent, the study adds further.


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