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Opaline iV Announces Upcoming Release of Electrifying New Single “In My Mind”

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Opaline iV Announces Upcoming Release of Electrifying New Single “In My Mind”

September 30
01:40 2023

Opaline iV, the dynamic electronic-pop duo hailing from the heart of Brisbane, Australia, is set to captivate music lovers worldwide with their latest release, “In My Mind.” This electrifying new single is scheduled to drop on October 6th, 2023, marking a defining moment in the duo’s musical journey.

Opaline iV, comprised of two talented musicians who have honed their craft within the confines of a spare bedroom, brings a fresh and innovative sound to the music scene. Over the past two years, they have tirelessly poured their creativity into their music, and “In My Mind” is a testament to their dedication.

“In My Mind” seamlessly fuses electronic and pop elements with hauntingly moody vocals, creating a sound that is uniquely Opaline iV. This song, in particular, is a milestone for the duo as it encapsulates their distinctive sound, setting the stage for a promising future filled with more musical gems.

Describing the track, Opaline iV shares their inspiration: “‘In My Mind’ was the first song we produced together that truly defined our sound. Our music seamlessly blends pop, electronic, and dance trip-hop elements with moody ambient tones and is the truest expression of our emotions. Produced from the four corners of a spare bedroom, ‘In My Mind’ delves into the uncontrollable lust and desire of meeting someone new.” 

The song opens on a bluesy acoustic guitar riding a lo-fi beat before a pulsing electronic bass lands on a downtempo trip-hop groove. Dani steps to the mic with a tale of uncontrollable lust. Haunting vocal harmonies echo the song’s thirsty theme in the chorus. 

“In My Mind” promises to be an unforgettable auditory journey, a sonic experience that resonates deeply with listeners, and a testament to Opaline iV’s artistic prowessability. The single’s release is highly anticipated by fans, and the duo assures their audience that this is just the beginning of their musical expedition.

As they embark on this exciting journey, Opaline iV looks forward to sharing more of their music with the world. With an album’s worth of material already in their creative vault, fans can expect many more releases in the near future, each one a unique and enchanting piece of musical artistry.

Remember to mark the calendar for October 6th, 2023, when Opaline iV’s “In My Mind” drops on all major music platforms. This is a release no one should miss, and Opaline iV is a name every music lover would want to remember.

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About Opaline iV:

Opaline iV is an electronic-pop duo based in Brisbane, Australia, known for their distinctive blend of electronic and pop elements with moody vocals. Comprising two passionate musicians, Opaline iV has been crafting their unique sound from the confines of their spare bedroom for the past two years. With a growing catalog of captivating music, Opaline iV is set to make waves in the music industry with their upcoming single, “In My Mind,” and a promising array of future releases.

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