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EasyGold Token revolutionizes gold investing through the crypto industry.

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EasyGold Token revolutionizes gold investing through the crypto industry.

December 29
17:44 2022

In the latest record, EasyGold Token is revolutionizing the world of gold investing with its innovative security token offering. The company is the first to offer investors profit participation rights of up to 50%, making gold investing more profitable and secure than ever before.

In addition, EasyGold has created a seamless and secure platform for investing in gold, making it accessible to a broader audience than traditional gold investment methods. Using a security token ensures that all investments are transparent and traceable, giving investors peace of mind and confidence.

With profit participation rights of up to 50%, investors in EasyGold can look forward to seeing significant returns on their investments. The company’s focus on innovation and transparency makes it a leading player in the gold investing market and an attractive option for those looking to diversify their portfolio.

Furthermore, EasyGold is poised to become the go-to choice for gold investing, providing investors with a unique opportunity to profit from the stability and value of gold while enjoying the benefits of a modern and secure investment platform.

The company acquires large quantities of high-quality raw gold directly from its trusted supplier network. It transforms them through an efficient, sustainable process into LBMA-certified 999,9 gold bars, sold on the open markets at prices 20-30% higher than the cost of the raw materials and the operational expenses. 

With the new developments, the project is underpinned by a security token that not only represents gold but also entitles its holders to dividends that can reach up to 50% of the net profit of the company’s operational activities. The company protects its investors with insolvency insurance and other security mechanisms.

The mission of Easygold Token is to make crypto trading through gold profitable for all investors, regardless of their budget. 100% of the proceeds collected via the crowd sale are invested in the acquisition of raw gold and its transformation into high-quality gold bars. By repeating the process continuously, the business model can be scaled exponentially, increasing dividend payouts for the investors.

Consequently, Easygold Token is approaching its private sale round soon. Early adopters get a 20% discount on the EASG security token. 

About the company – EasyGold

Easygold token is a newly founded cryptocurrency project by the experienced company Hartmann & Benz, a reputable German company with longstanding gold trading expertise. The company managed to attract over 1.000 customers over just ten months and became featured in reputation German online media, TV, and magazines such as Focus and Stern.

With Easygold’s revolutionary Security token, the company thrives on significantly increasing the scope of its operational activities, including more gold investment products on a tokenized basis, essentially becoming the standard for gold investing on the cryptocurrency market — and beyond.

To learn more about the project and its innovative approach to gold investing, visit the following links:

Website | LinkedIn | Telegram | Twitter

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Contact Person: Sandra Ravioli
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