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Is Baru Oil the Missing Anti-Aging Secret in Women’s Skincare?

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Is Baru Oil the Missing Anti-Aging Secret in Women’s Skincare?

December 19
14:45 2022
Can women regenerate their skin and reverse the signs of aging by using just one critical skincare ingredient? American Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Saltz says yes, thanks to a little-known seed grown in the wilds of Brazil’s tropical savanna. The Baru Seed is so difficult to find that even most Brazilian locals aren’t aware of its skin-transforming properties.

Park City, UT – The US skin care product market is expanding rapidly especially for face creams and body lotions. According to Grand View Research the US skincare industry, estimated to be $22 billion in 2022, is growing fastest in the area of natural face creams and serums containing natural ingredients.

But how many of these natural products are effective at reversing the sign of aging?

Dr. Renato Saltz of Saltz Plastic Surgery & Spa Vitoria in Salt Lake City, UT, agrees that the options for effective skincare for women over forty are overwhelming.

“One of the biggest complaints we hear from our patients is that their skin is dry, they have more fine lines showing under their eyes, and their wrinkles don’t seem to be improving despite their very extensive skincare routine,” says Saltz. “When we ask them what they’re using, their typical skincare regime can involve six or more products, and the regiment can be different for morning and night. Unfortunately, women’s skincare has become more complicated, especially over the past few years. That would be acceptable if they were getting the results, but unfortunately, that’s often not happening.

“This year, my plastic surgery practice celebrated its twentieth anniversary. For the past nineteen years, my staff and many of my patients have been asking me to develop our skincare line,” says Saltz. “Innovation in skin care is critical. You have to offer something that is better than anything else out there. Otherwise, why do it? The choice for face creams is already dizzying. I started my research into skincare nineteen years ago – this isn’t something you can rush, and I went back to my roots in Brazil to find out what the greatest natural innovations were,” says Dr. Saltz. “After many years of research and testing I discovered the Baru Seed’s reparative properties which are rich in Omega 3, Vitamin E and essential macro and micronutrients  that are rapidly absorbed into the skin, moisturizing it at a deep level and reducing the trans-epidermal loss of water. We also found it to enhance the action of the lipid barrier to make the skin smooth and soft.”

“For testing our products, I brought them home to my five Master Aestheticians, our office staff and my wife and family. Let me tell you they are tough critics! However, they gave valuable feedback regarding the product scent, consistency and, most of all, results. It has been a long process, but we are delighted to finally announce we have cracked the formula with the launch of our skincare line Vitoria Skin by SaltzMD. Simple effectiveness is at the heart of this skincare line which is why we only offer three products,” says Dr. Renato Saltz.

The three skincare products developed by Dr. Renato Saltz for Spa Vitoria are:

Brazilian Moisturizer for Face and Body (one product is all you need)

Brazilian Balm (for face)

Brazilian Baru Oil (for face and body)

All Spa Vitoria skincare products are sustainably sourced, vegan and not tested on animals. They are available exclusively for sale on

About Dr. Renato Saltz

Renato Saltz, MD, is one of the world’s respected and most accomplished board-certified plastic surgeons. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Saltz’s expertise in cosmetic surgery — specifically in facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast surgery and reconstruction after cancer — is highly sought after by patients and peers alike. He has served as the President of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons  (ISAPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Dr. Saltz is widely considered one of the pioneers in endoscopic surgery in the United States and is also the founder of the Image Reborn Foundation of Utah, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women recover and reclaim their lives from breast cancer. Dr. Saltz is widely published — having presented over 500 national and international papers, including 100 articles, forty chapters and seven books. He has appeared on the television show Extra, as well as many other national and international media outlets. To find out more about Dr. Renato Saltz, please visit www.SaltzPlasticSurgery

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