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“Extraordinary Encounter”, the Highlights of New Product Release of 2022 IP3 TECHNOLOGY Group

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“Extraordinary Encounter”, the Highlights of New Product Release of 2022 IP3 TECHNOLOGY Group

December 12
22:35 2022

On December 8, 2022, iP3 TECHNOLOGY Group, a well-known domestic PC and multi-category intelligent terminal solution provider, held the “Extraordinary Encounter” 2022 new product release, through the “online + offline” linkage mode, released a series of innovative products such as business notebooks, gaming notebooks, educational notebooks, 2-in-1, all-in-one PCs and industrial PCs on the global live broadcast platform, attracting the attention of more than 500,000 people from upstream and downstream enterprises in the PC industry chain and domestic and international users. At the same time, the new products have also been highly recognized and affirmed by Intel, Microsoft, and other key strategic partners of the technology industry giants.


At the release conference, Mr. Cao Yalian, the chairman of iP3 TECHNOLOGY Group, introduced the overall operation and future development strategy of the group through the live link. He said that due to the impact of the global epidemic and the economic downturn, the PC industry chain has entered a cold winter, but the company firmly believes that optimists are right, and so are pessimists. It’s up to you to choose which you will be. Through technology-enabled product innovation and increasing the R&D power of business notebooks and gaming notebooks, the company could reach the counter-trend growth of the group’s order volume and surpass the other companies. In the future, they will continue to develop the core technologies and products to expand the space and market share in the PC and consumer electronics industry, and bring better and more complete product solutions to their global customers.


Mr. Cao Yalian, Chairman of iP3 TECHNOLOGY Group

Deeply cultivate business notebooks and form a multiform product matrix

The PC market in the past two years has been driven by the trend of mixed office with exciting ups and downs, that is, a rare opportunity for development, but also full of new challenges. With the development of digital technology, mobile office enabled by Internet technology has gradually become the primary choice of many enterprises, which has also led to the rising demand for security, stability, and practicality of commercial notebooks from the public. Through product deployment and technical architecture, the company has gradually formed a multi-format product matrix in the commercial product line, including commercial notebooks, all-in-one PCs, 2-in-1s, and tablets. This new product launch also focuses on notebooks, all-in-one PCs, 2-in-1, and other commercial products.

In terms of commercial notebooks, the company mainly launched xN50, xN59, xN39, xNA2, and xN32 five commercial notebooks this conference, with 28W CPU, 45W CPU, and 45W CPU + 35W dGPU a variety of options to create personalized customization services for different groups and enterprises, easily meet the different needs of office, design and other multi-scene applications.


Business notebooks as the main production tool for enterprise employees, and efficiency can be the first element. The new business notebooks from iP3 TECHNOLOGY Group are equipped with the latest Intel vPro platform, which enables remote management of corporate information systems and maximizes the release of corporate business energy. Together with the 60wh high capacity and 1-hour quick charge to 80% design, it is a proper mobile office productivity tool. Complemented by 180° opening and closing, the computer can be smoothly unfolded with one hand. In addition, the product’s security aspect made a great effort, to built-in a fingerprint start, camera privacy settings and Kensington lock, and other functions, with military-grade security protection, to ensure the user’s privacy.

In the all-in-one, the company released a total of four new products, mainly divided into 23.8-inch and 21.45-inch two sizes. 23.8-inch all-in-one more suitable for business office, support horizontal USB-C fast charging and HDMI, VESA, and other high-definition multimedia interfaces, as well as SSD, HDD, ODD, and other modules to expand, can effectively reduce program lag, and improve efficiency. The 21.45″ all-in-one, while maintaining a minimalist design, gives the product uncommon performance. Equipped with a pop-up camera to protect user privacy and security. The back VESA interface supports wall mounting, allowing the all-in-one to get rid of the traditional fixed bracket and achieve rapid work deployment with minimal space occupation.

In the two-in-one aspect, the company launched a new product equipped with the latest Intel 13th generation Core processors, the overall design style to simple and generous, with gorgeous shell color options, which is the first choice of face-judger party. High value is not enough, it also has high performance, long battery life, and other characteristics. High battery capacity, so the battery life is no longer a problem. Fingerprint start, hovering keyboard and stylus, as well as USB A, USB C, Micro SD, Headphone, and other interfaces are designed to give users the same experience as a laptop, easily meeting daily office needs.

Ultra-thin and ultra-performance gaming notebook for the ultimate gaming experience

With the popularity of the gaming industry, the gaming laptop industry has developed rapidly. In November 2021, the company released its first gaming laptop, and after a year’s absence, it is again launching a new 19mm ultra-thin gaming laptop with Intel’s latest TGL-H and DG2 SKU4 50W single display, 16″ 16:10 high refresh rate design and excellent viewing experience with high color gamut gaming screen, 50WH super large battery. With a colorful backlit gaming keyboard, dual fan cooling, tri-mode switch, and WiFi-6/6E super high-speed network card, they believe this gaming notebook will bring users an unprecedented extreme gaming experience.


The layout of education, industrial control field and promote the development of intelligence, green, and security of the industry

It is also worth mentioning that at the conference, the company also launched a new series of educational and industrial control products. In terms of education notebooks, three 11.6-inch notebook products were relaunched, with up to 100cm drop protection, which can significantly improve product life. It is also equipped with a rotatable camera and stylus to make learning more diverse and convenient for children. Equipped with LTE 4G network, it runs fast, allowing children to acquire knowledge more quickly. In the industrial control notebooks, the company combined smart retail, industrial control, network security, smart transportation, smart medical, smart power, and other scenarios to launch a series of innovative products, the technical leader of the company said that they hope to promote the development of intelligence, green, and security of the industry through core technology and equipment innovation.


The new product release of iP3 TECHNOLOGY Group is full of highlights. The company brings customized and scenario-based solutions for the industry through the launch of commercial notebooks, all-in-one PCs, 2-in-1s, tablets, and other products, which brings new development opportunities for industry innovation in the commercial market. With the innovation and experience and the service ecology of the company to empower the office work to promote a new round of industrial development, to lead the future office, the future scene, the future experience of the three trends, to promote the government and enterprise office into a new era of full-scene intelligent experience!

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