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American Gaslighting Wins “American Writing Award” in Academic/Education Category

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American Gaslighting Wins “American Writing Award” in Academic/Education Category

December 06
06:10 2022

Sterling, VA, USA – December 5, 2022 – The American Writing Awards has declared Daniel A. Shyti’s “American Gaslighting” a Winner in their book awards competition. Shyti’s book was awarded Finalist in the Academic/Education category.

Shyti asks, “What does it mean to be “woke”? And why are so many who claim to be “woke” increasingly dissatisfied and consumed with America’s failings as a nation? Why are so many liberals convinced that the system needs to be burned down and rebuilt from the ground up?” In his timely and revealing new book, American Gaslighting: How America is Being Systematically Taught to Hate Itself, Daniel A. Shyti gives an in-depth analysis of human psychology and historical precedent demonstrating how Americans are being manipulated into hating their own country to serve the ends of the far political left. (View the book trailer here:

Shyti minces no words about this manipulation, stating, “We need to blow the lid off woke ideology and expose it for what it really is – Marxism in disguise. The goal is to systematically deceive Americans into hating their own country. Its central tactic is pervasive gaslighting, a psychological ploy designed to make people doubt the reality that is right under their noses.”

“There wasn’t one specific event that triggered me to write this book,” shares Shyti. “Rather, it was a build-up over time as I observed the egregious assaults on the American identity and the blatant self-hatred that the left is determined to create. As I heard the lies coming from the left, I noticed that they grew more and more outrageous, and it became obvious to me that the left was engaged in creating an alternate reality – persistent gaslighting intended to induce Americans to hate their own country.”

American Gaslighting is an eye opening and enlightening investigation into how Daniel Shyti has discovered and believes the ‘liberal left’ in America is actively using propaganda tactics to shame its fellow citizens and ruin the country. This book sets leftist gaslighting ablaze once and for all. – John Kelly, Detroit Free Press, 5-Stars

As a first generation American, the son of immigrants who saw America as a land of opportunity and who worked hard to step into those opportunities, Daniel Shyti hopes to help Americans see how they’ve been deceived. In this book, he presents a logical analysis of human nature, provides crucial historical content that exposes the true roots of systemic racism, and demonstrates how leftists are the real oppressors. American Gaslighting presents logical reasoning supported by an accurate and balanced examination of history and was written for people with open minds who are willing to listen to reason and have a conversation regardless of their political views. He hopes that this will persuade objective readers that the American Constitution is our greatest blessing and must be preserved at all costs. Shyti says, “Until recent times, we have been able to rally around a common flag of sameness-the American identity. This identity is what is enshrined in our founding documents. To be American is to believe in God-given rights, equal justice before the law, and the rule of law itself. To be American means the rights of the individual reign supreme, and the people give government its power and not the other way around.”

Americans have been systematically gaslit by politicians, establishment media, the entertainment industry and the nation’s education system for decades. Daniel Shyti not only confirms this but takes a deep dive into the reasons and how to stop them in their tracks. – Chris Cordani, Host Book Spectrum, 5-Stars

“In American Gaslighting I’ve tried to provide a balanced treatment of American history,” says Shyti. “I wanted to examine political ideology in a combined context of human nature, logical thought, and historical perspective. I hope this book will fill critical knowledge gaps related to history and politics for the average American. We must build our thinking abilities and become clear-eyed skeptics who don’t assume anything in politics is true unless properly tested and investigated through logically structured questions and answers. Together, we must work at every level of government to elect freedom loving leaders who believe in our Constitution and are not woke but awakened to what is truly happening.”

Powerful and controversial, Shyti’s book deserves a wide reading audience, no matter the political inclination. – Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, 5-Stars

“America is the greatest country the world has ever known,” says Shyti, “and I wrote this book out of love for my country, the country that lifted my family out of poverty. I am deeply concerned that Americans are being systematically taught to hate their own country. In writing this book I chose to speak up and take a stand. I hope that American Gaslighting will set the reader on a journey of understanding and speaking the truth, enlightening as many people as possible, regardless of their current political stance.”

American Gaslighting: How America is Being Systematically Taught to Hate Itself, ISBN 9780989708463, Available in ebook, paperback and hardcover on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books and on the author’s website:

About Daniel Shyti

Daniel A. Shyti is a professional speaker, leadership expert, speech coach, political commentator, author, and patriot. After graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Pratt Institute and serving in the Army for four years, Dan made the transition to private industry. There he dedicated himself to being an effective leader and eventually became a Vice President at a Fortune 100 technology company. He later left to start his own leadership training company.

His latest book is American Gaslighting: How America is Being Systemically Taught to Hate Itself. The book examines political ideology in a combined context of human nature, logical thought, and historical perspective to expose and counter Marxism cloaked as “woke ideology.” Dan passionately believes that identity politics is destroying America and that Americans need to unite under the one identity that matters – the American Identity – and commit to the Constitution as our unifying framework. His prior books include 4 Power Leadership: Your Pathway to Leadership Success and Ten Timeless Rules for Life: Things Every Young Person Should Know for a Perfect Launch. Daniel and his wife live in Sterling, VA.

Learn more about Daniel and American Gaslighting: How America is Being Systematically Taught to Hate Itself at

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