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Blockchains interconnector that brings together all of the blockchains in one place, in any place

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Blockchains interconnector that brings together all of the blockchains in one place, in any place

October 31
20:12 2022

Today there are less and less people who haven’t heard of Bitcoin, Blockchain or even NFT. Moreover, we are on the threshold of a new remarkable event – Blockchain 3.0. Blockchain itself is creating a trusted, unfilterable, uncensorable repository of data that is easily accessible worldwide. Each process within a blockchain is transparent, independently verifiable, and auditable in real-time by each participant. These are the characteristics that will drive the third generation of the Internet: WEB3.0.

Market problem

But aren’t there any problems? Yes, that’s it. Today we have more than 600 Layer 2 protocols and more than 200 Layer 1 blockchains but there is 1 HUGE problem! No blockchains and protocols communicate with each other. Every person, business, state, and the system can communicate with each other. And there is a war going on in the blockchain world. One blockchain is screaming “I am the fastest” and another “I am the cheapest” while the end user just needs to benefit from the service. This blockchain war is preventing the technology from moving forward and taking over the world.

Our solution

YAR is a blockchain interconnector that brings together all of the blockchains in one place, in any place. We established a plug-in-based communication “bus” that could provide an end-to-end security “dialogue” between blockchains and protocols – a kind of “messenger” for blockchains. Any developer can supply a self-made connector for any system or platform into this communication “bus”.

Blockchains Architect

If you are looking forward to knowing who is the architect of this breakthrough product, it’s Dr. Sergey Glukhota. He says: “Complex products on the blockchain can operate at high speed and almost free. Nobody asks what language the site is written in, how it works and connects to each other, where the servers are located, etc. My task as an architect is to avoid the complexibility of usage. Businesses must get immense profit working with our blockchain interconnector. YARchain and YARprotokol reduce expenses on infrastructure maintenance, on users feedback, and marketing”.

How does it work

YAR consists of Layer 2 YARprotocol and Layer 1 YARchain blockchain, which work together to provide the developer with a single, standardized data input/output point to any supported systems (Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, BSC, Solana, etc.).

Dr. Sergey Glukhota says that YAR blockchain ensures the uninterrupted operation of published smart contracts and the interaction of data within the blockchain. And YAR protocol acts as a firewall that ensures the interaction of transport and communication smart contracts published in YARchain with platforms and systems supported by YAR protocol.

This bundle allows developers to create smart contracts by connecting any blockchain to them and work with coins, tokens, smart contracts, and any other data as if it were all indirect access.

YAR features

– EVM-based – deploy your ETH, BSC, etc smart contracts with no changes; – Proof-Of-Stake – Dominant consensus for saving the world;

– Decentralization – Unlimited number of nodes-validators;

– High speed – New block every 5 seconds or 15Mb of size;

– Smart contracts – Create & deploy smart contracts with Solidity;

– Scalable – Add your platform to the YARprotocol for a win-win united growing;

– Interoperable – Develop smart contracts with multi-value & data support with other

blockchains in the YAR chain;

– Sovereign – Propose changes and vote on blockchain upgrades with the

governance module;

– Open Source – Work together to build the free and open-source YAR developer


What you can build with YAR chain

– Decentralized exchanges (DEX) with multi-chain support, in no way inferior to centralized counterparts (CEX);

– CRM and ERP platforms;

– Marketplaces and supply-chain platforms;

– Scoring platforms;

– DeFi and crowdfunding platforms, etc.

That is, one decision turns former enemies into kind, friendly neighbors.


YAR users will be able to make transactions easier and more profitable, including with the use of fiat money and YAR token. Using YAR, you will be an able convert, for example, dollars or euros into the currencies of other countries and make international payments even without a crypto wallet.

YAR also features high transaction processing speed – a new block is created every 5 seconds or 15 megabytes. The openness of the system and its compatibility with many third-party projects gives it the advantage of scalability, and that’s a catalyst for rapid and sustainable growth. New YAR partners will be able to confirm their assessment of the reliability of the project through open source. Open source can become another growth driver for YAR.

YAR token listed on PancakeSWAP

YAR token is already listed on PancakeSWAP – a non-custodial platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for exchange and profitable farming using a BEP-20 standard token. You can buy tokens and support the team and their breakthrough project right now:

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