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TSC’s “Pop Blind Box Project” series of blind boxes will be released soon, Pop Blind box to get surprise revenue

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TSC’s “Pop Blind Box Project” series of blind boxes will be released soon, Pop Blind box to get surprise revenue

October 31
22:15 2022

According to the latest internal news, TSC public chain will recently be authorized to launch the “exploding blind box plan”, the whole people jointly open the TSC “exploding blind box plan” series of blind boxes. TSC series blind box is issued by Geek Lab team. It has high gain value and interesting play. If you successfully cast, upgrade and synthesize, you can get the corresponding rights and interests reward. The TSC blind box ecosystem is very large, and the explosion of the blind box will be hugely profitable.

Players can use 1U of TTD/1U of TFT+USDR to buy 1 blind box, the minimum number of blind boxes per purchase is 7, the maximum is 10,000. 1USDR is equal to 1 USDT. When the number of blind boxes is more than 200, the blind box will enjoy computing power acceleration. After the blind box is opened, it will randomly get 5-21 times the computational power reward; For example, if a player buys a blind box with 200U TTD/TFT+200USDR, and opens a blind box with 21 times the value, the player will gain 8400Ti computing power.

TURING SMART CHAIN is a professional Metaverse unbounded aggregation WEB3.0 ecological public chain (TSC) that expands its capacity according to Moore’s law, provides high performance and low cost for large-scale ecological industrial applications, and can realize cross-temporal ecological supply traceability chain and new distributed financial value. As the publisher of the blind box project, TSC has long been in the hip play space, following the current trend of mainstream hip play, and combining the trendy elements with the gameplay, TSC blind box style of novel play, will be a milestone event in TURING SMART CHAIN.

Playing blind boxes has multiple and consistent benefits. As the only entrance of TSC token TTD computing power mining ecology, the blind box can be removed by TTD at a low cost, which can not only obtain 5-21 times of opening computing power reward, but also enjoy the preferential treatment qualification of up to 20% computing power acceleration. As more and more players into the TSC blind box of ecology, blind box will be snapping up, while providing the value and the value of the blind box will follow, so the market will be more and more demand for TDD and blind box, so early into the TSC blind box ecological player, a day of blind box will be more and more valuable, also will be more and more lucrative.

The blind box ecology will be at the heart of TSC’s wealth consensus. In addition to the creation of this blind box series, TSC will also be in the future, continue to carry on blind box series of activities, in more areas, in culture, trend, wenbo etc continue to explore, to all kinds of rich cultural, social, unique value of popular culture fusion casting into blind box, looking forward to get the attention of the blind box down the lovers and love.

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