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Malinda Humphrey Peeks into Teen Migrants’ Minds with his new book “Am I Welcome At My New Home?”

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Malinda Humphrey Peeks into Teen Migrants’ Minds with his new book “Am I Welcome At My New Home?”

October 31
17:28 2022
With a spectacular and inspirational storyline in the book “Am I Welcome At My New Home?” Malinda Humphrey makes sure to enthrall readers.

Malinda Humphrey is enthusiastic about creating novels for young people, adults, and children. He is a young immigrant from Africa to the USA and favors intercultural competence and inclusion. To promote beneficial changes across cultures, he continuously digs deep within his fear to produce quality reads like “Am I Welcome At My New Home?” for his readers.

Malinda Humphrey is a skilled blogger and journalist who loves writing fascinating and captivating books for kids, teens, and adults. The children’s book “Am I welcome at my new home?” is one of the exceptional write-ups by Malinda Humphrey. 

The primary motivation behind this novel by Malinda Humphrey is to reflect on his experiences as a lone immigrant who moved to the United States at a young age. He can thus connect to kids who are going through a similar scenario right now. Kids ages 5 and 9 can be read and enjoyed by the whole family.

Author Malinda Humphrey hopes to inspire young people as he says, “Every Single Youth Who Experiences This Book Will Effectively Acquire, Adapt, and Pursue Emotional Development For Leading Their Best Life.”

This charming tale, “Am I welcome at my new home?” is about the challenges of youngsters who migrated to another country. The plot is set up such that Lilo and Chiriku, two brothers, are leaving their beloved Home in the Sahara for the first time and traveling to the United States. The lads are only confident of one thing when they realize they are moving, which is that they are going to a strange land and civilization. The situation worsens because Mum and Dad are not with them, leaving the boys with just one another and their commitment to stay together. They are terrified and missing their beloved Sahara, which makes their question, “Am I accepted at my new Home?” even more intense.

Malinda Humphrey expresses his connection with the book, “I pride myself on having gained many vital character lessons as an immigrant.”

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About Malinda Humphrey

Malinda Humphrey is a blogger and journalist passionate about telling readers inspiring, uplifting stories. His debut book was “I Can’t Sing,” for kids aged 6 to 12. He fervently supports mental health and adapts his novel based on an actual event. He greatly advocates teaching young people how to cultivate their inner grit and optimism. They will acquire the emotional skills necessary to deal with difficulties from this story narrative, especially in a school environment. “Am I welcome at my new home?” is his latest work sharing the fears and troubles of immigrated teens with the world. 

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