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Striving and Thriving; The Story of Shivam Talwar

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Striving and Thriving; The Story of Shivam Talwar

October 28
17:45 2022

Regarding entrepreneurship, India has produced some big names like Dhirubhai Ambani and Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata. Moreover, these business tycoons have long ruled over the traditional business sector.

However, fresh faces emerge from the crowd as new doors open in the entrepreneur world. Shoppers who initially spent hours dragging themselves from one shop to the other have now found less tiring means.

Thanks to the gradual but effective rise of e-commerce business, buyers and sellers both have gained a new perspective. Now the internet will let you get anything anywhere without setting foot outside your home.

But how is all of this possible, and who is making it happen?

Surprisingly, there is no Ambani or Tata behind these advances. Instead, names of youth like Shivam Talwar are what you’re looking for here. So, let’s learn who Shivam Talwar is and how he has built himself from scratch.

How It Started

Shivam comes from the industrially efficient region of Indian Punjab known as Jalandhar. Thus, it is no surprise that the young entrepreneur primarily has a business mind. Moreover, Jalandhar is an ancient and highly populated region of India, making it a hub for opportunity and success.

Returning to Shivam, let’s start from the beginning. The young entrepreneur came into this world in the cold month of January. The year of his birth is 2000, which means he is currently only 22 years old.

It often surprises people how Shivam gained so much success at such a young age. Moreso, his means of earning were also less traditional, considering how the e-commerce business is still new.

Consequently, a particular generation of people often finds it hard to grasp the concept of online businesses. Moreover, their strong faith in the security of a nine-to-five makes this comprehension even harder.

Accordingly, seeing a 22-year-old having figured it out at this age is also unconventional for most minds. This is because, typically, at this age, young men aren’t mature enough only to consider finding a job.

Despite these Asian stereotypes and daddy’s money culture, Shivam has managed to break the shackles. Moreover, his out-of-the-box approach has exceptionally fast-forwarded his life.

The future entrepreneur was admitted to a school called D.P Dada. This is a private school located in Jalandhar. Further, this is where Shivam got his early education from.

Later, he finished his matriculation from this institute, bringing him one step closer to his bright fate.

Starting from Scratch

If there’s one thing about Shivam which corresponds to industrialists like Ambani and Gogrej is his humble beginning. Even though he is currently at the top of his game at just 22, he had to start very early on his quests.

Thus, at the age when regular kids were playing cricket, Shivam was busy figuring out the e-commerce world. After all, in the beginning, he was just a kid with an internet connection and some ambition started thinking about opening several website and even sell products online.

However, all this tedious work was soon going to pay off. Consequently, by 17, Shivam was making breakthroughs and achieving milestones other teens couldn’t even dream of.

Accordingly, he was the successful owner of several online startups in 2017. Moreover, owning not one but multiple startups confirms the lad’s dedication and commitment to his dream.

Additionally, he was smart enough not to put all his eggs in one basket. Further, as the years passed, Shivam saw progress in his startups and was on a steady ride to the top of the e-commerce world. And now he owns some of the amazing online web clothing stores such as where he provides wide range of clothing and shoes.

Tragedy Strikes

The year is 2019, and more frequent headlines of a dangerous infections are making their way to the news. Moreover, what was just a viral rumor in the beginning, is now becoming a global reality.

According to the news, a new form of the Sars virus is spreading like wildfire from China. Many people are calling it the bat virus, while other, more informed ones explain it’s a hazardous type of chest infection.

However, no one can entirely comprehend this new disease’s impact, and they are also blind to the magnitude of this impact.

There is news of borders being closed due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. It feels like war, and the enemy is a tiny microorganism.

In March, lockdowns start taking place. This is when reality kicks in because it’s not just people’s health suffering. Every sector, such as healthcare, academia, and business, took the brunt of the lockdowns.

Accordingly, Shivam faced the challenge of a lifetime thanks to the Covid-19 limitations. Even though his business was online, and it didn’t seem like he would have much to worry about, the reality was quite the opposite.

Like other businesses, his startups suffered from the lockdowns and social distancing practices. As the graphs on his several ventures started taking a downward stride, Shivam had to develop a strategy immediately.

Building Athens from Ashes

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. However, in Shivam’s case, he turned his lemons into a whole lemon soda factory. Thus, after experiencing declining graphs and uncertainty for a significant part of 2019, Shivam jumped back on the success bandwagon.

It was now time to embrace his excellent fate and source of success. So, a true entrepreneur was born with a new online store that offered international shipping. This business venture not only gave him a revived direction but developed more keenness for the e-commerce market.

This new online business, combined with Shivam’s hustling nature, ensured him a top spot in the online market.

Establishing Roots

Now that Shivam has a direction, he is ready to strengthen his foundation and start growing. Moreover, presently he is working his way toward graduation. In parallel, he is determined and hustling for his online business.

The 22-year-old is attempting to grow his store by establishing repositories near his residence. This will help him keep a check and make deliveries with ease. Additionally, since his enterprise offers worldwide shipment, he needs to have regular access to his stocks.

It also aids him in keeping a tab on day-to-day orders and deliveries.

Making It Happen

What started as a one-person show has now turned into a small enterprise with the potential to grow. Currently, Shivam has atleast 15 remote employees who help him achieve daily milestones and make online shoppers happy.

Shivam calls the shots, and his efficient team makes it happen. The job entails various duties. For example, they handle and track the progress of miscellaneous orders. Moreover, the team provides professional chat and call support.

In addition, the trained remote employees also manage web development for the enterprise to ensure happy customers.

Accordingly, professionalism and hustle pay off as well. Thus, clients from all over the world land on Shivam’s online store daily. Also, the clientele is expanding thanks to the top-notch services and quality products.

Aiming for New Horizons

Even though Shivam’s success is noteworthy, and he is way ahead of other young adults his age, he refuses to stop. As it turns out, “too much” doesn’t exist in his dictionary.

One would think that handling school and a demanding international business wouldn’t leave room for anything else. But his plans don’t seem to tell the same story.

Instead, he plans to step into a new realm of the internet. This is the entertainment side of the web. Shivam plans on starting a YouTube channel.

It might seem like he doesn’t know what he is talking about or is out of perspective to juggle this side hustle. However, Shivam doesn’t think like an ordinary individual.

His ambitions and investments (be it time or money) are backed by research and sure potential.

Shivam believes that YouTube has much to offer its users. Further, as time passes, the platform will reach new heights. Consequently, it is only wise for him to join this platform at the right time.

He has also figured out the type of content he wishes to share through his YouTube channel. He will focus on gaming and creating humorous content for viewers. Thus, they will enjoy a lighter side of the hardworking young businessman.

In conclusion, he is steadfast in initiating a YouTube career. However, his commitment to it is yet to be seen.

An Interest in Contemporary Currency

Other than YouTube, Shivam’s interests revolve around digital currency. Moreover, he also finds the concepts of blockchain technology interesting.

His interest is backed by the urge to diversify his portfolio. Moreover, the current shift in trends towards digitalized assets has also compelled interest in ambitious thrivers like Shivam. Moreover, there is no denying the elongated value maintenance that comes as the asset’s perk.

Shivam doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket. Accordingly, he is also looking into primitive types of stored assets. Thus, he has taken up learning about the stock market.

Even though he is no financial expert, Shivam understands the power of knowledge. Furthermore, he comprehends the stability such types of investments can bring a business.

Therefore, he is interested in this complicated financial sector and wants to pursue it to keep his business in good shape. Furthermore, such investments will also benefit his long-term financial health.

These concepts aren’t too foreign to Shivam. He has been involved in crypto investments since 2018. This gives him four years of experience. As a result, he is four years wiser regarding digital investments.

Making the Best of It

Shivam is a disciplined young individual in his work life who refuses to lose focus and hope. However, this doesn’t mean he isn’t thriving in his personal life.

He has an enjoyable hobby. The 22-year-old businessman takes immense pleasure in traveling. Thus, he frequently spends his free time discovering new places. Moreover, he enjoys cuisines from various regions of the world.

Also, he ensures his social media followers are well aware of his ventures. Thus, his Instagram and Facebook accounts stay updated with each new adventure he goes on.

Additionally, his love for traveling allows him to meet new people and learn about various cultures. Also, his travels have helped him learn about how the world works and the vast horizons outside Indian borders.

Love for The Motherland

Even though Shivam is a frequent traveler, he knows that there is no place like home at the end of the day. Consequently, he loves India and couldn’t think of calling another place his home.

Moreover, he also has a firm belief in the people of India. Despite the nation’s current social and economic conditions, he believes India can rise to the top.

In fact, in his opinion, it all depends on the people. If they come together and try to achieve the common goal of making India great, nothing can come in the way of this dream.

He believes that hard work and consistency could take the nation to heights it has never seen before. Hence, the country could overcome every turmoil if there was a Shivam Talwar in every Indian household.

Lessons to Learn

Even though Shivam has gained much success, he never expected it at first. His career started as a hobby that he only entertained during his vacations.

What was initiated as learning drop shipping to pass summer vacations has now become a well-established enterprise.

Regardless, once he started on this journey, he knew it would only take two years for him to earn better than any nine-to-five job. Moreover, when he started learning drop shipping, he was already well on achieving fame and money.

Shivam’s complete success can be condensed into a single phrase “Never Stop Learning. Skills Make Money.” This has also been his motto throughout his career. Moreover, this belief has kept him steadfast even in the most testing times.

It has also led him to achieve all these unimaginable goals.

Thus, it would help if you remembered that Shivam started as a small-town kid like others. However, his vision was expansive, and so was his approach to life. Therefore, don’t fear foreign waters and struggle till you become another Shivam Talwar or even someone better.

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