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OKLink Has Launched Aptos Blockchain Explorer, as the 20th Chain Supported by OKLink Blockchain Explorer

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OKLink Has Launched Aptos Blockchain Explorer, as the 20th Chain Supported by OKLink Blockchain Explorer

October 20
06:31 2022

The OKLink, OKG’s blockchain explorer, has supported twenty chains after they launched Aptos blockchain explorer on 18 October 2022, which is also the first team to launch Aptos blockchain explorer worldwide. With OKLink, the whole picture of the Aptos ecosystem can be seen in an easy way. So far, more than 100 Aptos ecosystem DApps are listed in OKLink.

First to Launch Aptos Block Explorer, OKLink Powers Aptos Ecosystem

On-chain data of Aptos, a public blockchain that aims to solve reliability, scalability, and usability issues, can be utilised by developers to create decentralised applications and for analysing by users. The Aptos network can achieve over 100k transactions per second thanks to its parallel execution engine (Block-STM) for smart contracts, built around the principles of Software Transactional Memory.

Following the steps from Jump-Backed Wormhole and Pyth joining the Aptos ecosystem, OKLink is the first team to launch Aptos blockchain explorer under close monitoring of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Backed by a16z, Jump Crypto, Multicoin Capital and other big names, Aptos used to have a more than $4 billion valuation.

OKLink now listed more than 100 DApps of the Aptos ecosystem. Because of Aptos’s grant program, which offers developers non-dilutive funding to develop the ecosystem, over 100 projects, which can be checked in OKLink, have already been built on the network. OKLink Aptos Blockchain explorer in the crypto sector provided the ecosystem with the fundamentals of Aptos Blockchain and promoted Aptos to a broader user base. With the multichain explorer, the performance of several chains can be clearly shown by comparison. It will be solid proof to see the founding team’s commitment to delivering for their community.

OKLink Using Agile Development Moves to Multichain

The launch of Aptos Blockchain Explorer empowers users to explore a brand-new blockchain in the multichain world. As the crypto sector grows into multichain technologies, there will be a higher need for security. Monitoring real-time data helps users and investors make decisions and detect suspicious activity and vulnerabilities before projects are exploited. According to the Crypto Sector Report, Q2 2022 from OKLink, the top 10 security attacks caused a combined loss of $351 million in Q2.

Creating transparency for a global economy built on blockchains for users, businesses, and governments, OKLink has many years of experience since the first BTC blockchain explorer went live in 2019. OKLink has launched blockchain explorers, including BTC, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, Aptos, OKC and 12 other chains and supports 12 languages to enhance the user experiences.

With agile development, which allows teams to adapt to change quickly, especially in the crypto sector, OKLink has already launched eight blockchain explorers in 2022. For blockchains with high user demand, the product team strives to be the first to support them and their ecosystem; for example, after the merge of Ethereum, the OKLink blockchain explorer monitored the first block when it appeared. Users can filter blocks, transactions and content by various criteria over blockchains.

Besides the blockchain explorer and together with Chaintelligence, ChainHub and Audit, OKLink has formed an on-chain data product matrix.

On-chain Data Product Matrix – Outstanding Blockchain Data Product from China Market

China was one of the first countries to pay attention to the development of the blockchain industry. According to, the Chinese market size of blockchain applications in China surpassed three billion yuan in 2020. 

After many years of industry accumulation in the field of blockchain, OKG has been dedicated to the R&D and commercialisation of blockchain technology. Headquartered in Beijing, OKG has now become a global blockchain service provider with more than ten offices in the U.S., Europe, South Korea, Japan, etc. Its subsidiaries (the “Group”; 1499. HK) released their annual report for 31 March 2022. During the reporting period, the Company reported revenue of HK$385.6 million and gross profit of approximately HK$84.0 million, representing a year-on-year increase of approximately 80.9%.

Aptos blockchain joining the multichain explorer of OKLink and with the years’ accumulation of OKG can also be seen as a welcome gesture to China market and expand its ecosystem aggressively.

About OKLink

As OKLink’s parent company, OKG is one of the earliest blockchain companies founded in China. It has now developed into a conglomerate and a leader in the blockchain industry. Established in 2013, OKG has been committed to blockchain technology’s research, development and commercialization. OKLink has been one of OKG’s subsidiaries dedicated to blockchain data and information services since 2018. Visit the website and Twitter for more 

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