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JASMINER X4-Q: The Best Miner for Mining ETC

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JASMINER X4-Q: The Best Miner for Mining ETC

September 06
16:10 2022

Just this month, JASMINER officially announced on Twitter (@jasminer_com) a new version of its high-throughput 3U quiet server, the JASMINER X4-Q, which caused an enthusiastic response from the industry some time ago, and mentioned that this new product is now available for pre-order. This new version of X4-Q has been improved to retain its unique 3U standard form factor, and now comes out with a new look and feel that has created a buzz among the ETC miner community.

Recently, the ETC market has gradually heated up due to the ETH Merge event, both in terms of market value and hash rate ecology. JASMINER chose this time to launch the main mining ETC machine is also due to many considerations, and some big miners in the industry pointed out that this is the most powerful mining machine to date to mine ETC.

1Energy efficiency ratio is the strongest in the industry

JASMINER X4-Q adheres to JASMINER’s consistent brand fundamentals: high throughput, high hash rate, and low power consumption. 16 high throughput chips are used to directly enable the X4-Q’s hash rate to exceed 1040MH/S, but the power consumption is still perfectly controlled at only 480W, which is less than the power consumption value of even a small household appliance. JASMINER combines the leading high throughput chip design technology with the unique requirements of mining ETC, finally achieving a breakthrough in ETC mining performance and energy efficiency ratio, with an energy efficiency ratio as low as 0.46 J/MH. Browsing all the competing products on the market for mining ETC, we can find that JASMINER X4-Q has the lowest energy efficiency ratio, making it the strongest in the industry.

2. Join the unprecedented design of the quiet function

Do you believe that a 1040MH/S hash rate mining machine can lie quietly in your bedroom and mine? The new version of JASMINER X4-Q has been newly improved by the fan module, and now the noise is controlled below 40db, it is just like a computer mainframe with the same size and the same noise, you can’t feel the noise at all, because it has become one with your room, and it is even helping you to make money silently. At present, there are almost no extra products on the market will take the trouble to do the design of the silent function, but JASMINER has achieved both user experience and strong energy efficiency ratio, X4-Q “quiet + efficient + power-saving” characteristics of the strongest combination of it is not loved by the majority of miners are difficult.

3. Can be placed in the family room and other multiple scenes

Finally, the JASMINER X4-Q’s unique 3U specification design. Previously JASMINER has launched a 1U form factor server, this upgrade to 3U also takes care of the needs of a variety of application scenarios, such as family rooms, IDC rooms, etc. It can be placed in your room desk, computer desk, bedside table, or even buy home neatly arranged in the server room … not only power saving but also space saving is also the key advantage of JASMINER X4-Q to distinguish it from other competitors.

Entering the second half of 2022, the development of the ETC ecosystem cannot be underestimated. The founder of Ethereum publicly recommended Ethereum Classic, AntPool allocated high funds to sponsor ETC ecological construction, ETC network-wide hash rate rose 36% in only four days, and Bitfinex launched ETC extended margin trading products, all of which show that ETC has dominated the bear-turned-bull period and led miners on the road to prosperity. There is no doubt that with such a strong energy efficiency ratio alone, the X4-Q has left other competitors far behind. JASMINER helps miners reduce the burden of electricity consumption with less power consumption, which translates into higher profits from ETC investments. Later, ETC miners can focus on the subsequent development progress of JASMINER, but JASMINER X4-Q, the best machine for mining ETC, must not be missed either. The new version of JASMINER X4-Q is now fully open for pre-order, interested parties can visit www.jasminer.comto browse and place an order.

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