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JASMINER X4-Q: A Cold-Proof Miner for Europe Homes

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JASMINER X4-Q: A Cold-Proof Miner for Europe Homes

September 06
16:06 2022

Since 2022, European gas and electricity prices have continued to climb, and have become an important risk factor for the European economy. Not only are business owners having headaches with their electricity bills, but ordinary European household residents are also worried: winter is coming soon, but energy prices are skyrocketing, and the cost of wintering this year is likely to triple again! This will be a difficult winter for many European families.

In fact, heating does not have to rely on the traditional coal burning, gas heating method, for the home with a quiet and high thermal efficiency of the home mining machine can also be done to prevent cold, heating function, the most important is that its mining revenue can also help you offset a lot of electricity costs. JASMINER’s new version of JASMINER X4-Q, new this month, is not only a high-end ETC miner with high hash rate (1040MH/s) and low power consumption (480W), but also a practical and quiet home heater that will save European families money and keep them warm this winter!

How effective is the heating?

JASMINER X4-Q is equipped with a double fan cooling system inside, through the miner’s built-in 16 storage and calculation of one high throughput computing chip operation constantly generated heat, through the cooling system circulation conduction to the air outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the room. And JASMINER X4-Q heating area can reach 1-15 square meters, basically can meet the needs of small-scale family use.

Is it as noisy as other miners?

Unlike previous miners, the JASMINER X4-Q is a 3U standard form, only the same size as a computer mainframe, and an innovative and improved fan cooling mode, using its own mining energy to conduct heat, the miner runs with significantly lower noise, also the same noise as the computer mainframe, suitable for home living environment, you can place it under the desk, next to the sofa, or bedside, as long as the power and network is connected, it can help you mine while also heating the family, no excess noise at all.

What is the energy efficiency ratio and benefit?

According to the official product data released by JASMINER, JASMINER X4-Q rated energy consumption of about 480W, by analyzing the energy consumption of some of the heating products on the market, it was found that the highest power consumption in the 1200W-2000W heater occupies 81.2% of the absolute market. However, the higher the power consumption, cooling and heating effect is not necessarily ideal, which only means that these products will be more huge electricity consumption.

The JASMINER X4-Q’s power consumption is perfectly controlled at around 480W under the comprehensive consideration of the technology investment in reducing energy consumption and the purchasing power of the market audience, and the important thing is that its thermal efficiency can exceed 97%, that is, except for the power consumption generated by the operation of the chips themselves, the rest of the power consumption will all be converted into heat to provide the actual effect of heat dissipation and heating, in line with the expectations of European families for the heating product market.

At the same time, according to the current network-wide hash rate of ETC, JASMINER X4-Q can generate additional positive monthly cash flow, which is also more attractive to ordinary European families and working class. What’s more, this part of the revenue is far greater than the negligible electricity cost of JASMINER X4-Q itself. JASMINER X4-Q volume is appropriate, high value, simple operation, rich in features, and in the heating speed, safety and other aspects of doing quite well, definitely called a good winter companion for European families.

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