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BOC Sciences Unveils Comprehensive Ligand Design Services for Target Protein and E3 Ligase

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BOC Sciences Unveils Comprehensive Ligand Design Services for Target Protein and E3 Ligase

September 01
23:00 2022
BOC Sciences unveils comprehensive ligand design services for both target protein and E3 ligase.

New York, USA – September 1, 2022 – As a globally recognized bio-company focusing on PROTAC degradation technology, BOC Sciences has unveiled comprehensive ligand design services for both target protein and E3 ligase.

In recent years, PROTAC has been recognized as a promising treatment technique. During its development, scientists found that PROTAC’s ability to induce protein degradation was related not only to its binding target but also to the identity of the recruited E3 ligase. Hence, in order to develop an ideal PROTAC molecule with great therapeutic potential, the specificity and affinity of the ligand for the target protein and E3 ligase are of extreme importance.

BOC Sciences has been engaged in PROTAC technology for years. Empowered by its experienced experts and a cutting-edge drug discovery platform, the company is fully competent and dedicated to providing comprehensive ligand catalogs for both target proteins of interest and E3 ligase and meeting the drug discovery goals of worldwide clients.

Ligand Design for Target Protein

For the successful development of PROTAC, the identification of specific ligands is vital to determine its specificity. BOC Sciences offers ligand design services for different kinds of target proteins, including transmembrane, cytoplasmic, and nuclear targets. Meanwhile, its team of scientists will proceed with ligand optimization by structural modifications to enhance stability, biodistribution, and permeability in vivo. The affinity of ligand candidates for target proteins will be rapidly determined as well.

Ligand Design for E3 Ligase

Studies have revealed that different ligands for E3 ligases display distinctive selectivity for target proteins and efficiencies for target protein degradation. With a comprehensive and advanced platform, BOC Sciences can design and synthesize peptides & many other small-molecule ligands for E3 ligase to facilitate PROTAC molecules achieving rapid target degradation and better cell permeability.

“We provide customers with a comprehensive range of ligand products, ligand design, and screening services.” Introduced by the marketing manager in BOC Sciences. “Through our streamlined synthesis routes, flexible modifications, as well as in-depth analysis, we guarantee to improve stability, solubility, cell permeability, and tissue distribution of PROTAC with ligands from peptides to small molecules.”

About BOC Sciences

As a leading manufacturer and service provider in drug research and discovery, BOC Sciences is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) based molecular drug discovery, which has become a promising strategy in drug discovery. In possession of the comprehensive and advanced platforms, the company provides PROTAC services and related products to customers worldwide to meet new drug discovery goals.

Media Contact
Company Name: BOC Sciences
Contact Person: Alex Brown
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Phone: 1-631-485-4226
Country: United States

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