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7 Surprising Facts about Amande Yogurt That Everyone Must Know

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7 Surprising Facts about Amande Yogurt That Everyone Must Know

September 01
16:25 2022

Yogurt is a delightful and delicious treat everyone loves to indulge in. Having traces from 8000 BC, yogurt has evolved into many varieties and flavors, making them more indulgent. You might be a fan of Greek yogurt or would love to try a frozen one. The world of yogurt has plenty to offer. Be it health or be it flavor, you will never be disappointed.

Let’s check out what health benefits can a cup of yogurt bring!

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Yogurt

Here are the 7 amazing health benefits of yogurt that make it an essential food to add to your diet:

1. Aids Good Gut bacteria

As yogurt is loaded with probiotics, adding it to your diet improves your digestive health, according to Gastroenterologist Jennifer Shrubsole. She is also a senior editor of Amandeyogurt – a popular yogurt blog. 

 The gut-friendly bacteria help break down the food and improve your overall digestion. Many studies suggest yogurt contributes to your digestive health by reducing gastronomical disorders such as constipation, bloating and diarrhea.

2. Strong Bones

Yogurt is a storehouse of calcium. Many studies show that essential nutrients like calcium, probiotics, vitamin D, protein and calcium benefit bone health. A study on 4300 adults aged under 60 found that eating yogurt daily in moderation has increased bone density by 3-4%.

3. Helps with Weight Loss

As yogurt contains protein, it curbs your hunger and decreases calorie intake to aid weight loss. According to Emily Parker of, eating yogurt before meals helps you to eat fewer calories by 12%, paving your way to weight loss.

4. Improves your Skin

The essential nutrients in Yogurt improve your overall skin texture. The lactic acid present in yogurt dissolves dead skin cells. Gentle exfoliation with yogurt creates a natural glow and successfully removes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines over the period. The calcium in yogurt nourishes your skin, nails and hair too. It also has a moisturizing effect on your skin.

5. Helps you live longer

According to Kathy Farrel, the author of The Home Creamery and contributor to, Yogurt is an incredible food. From adding it to recipes to enjoying it as it is, there is no way one can resist this delicious retreat.

As it is a storehouse of nutrients like Protein, Calcium, phosphorous and vitamins, adding yogurt to your diet regularly helps lower blood pressure, strengthen the bones and even reduce the risk of diabetes. As you continually supply healthy bacteria to your GI tract, it improves your immune and gut health.

6. Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk

The lactic bacteria in yogurt help in combating glycemic variability. Hence, it helps curb the dynamic swings in your blood sugar levels. According to Stephine Ashcraft, it is important to choose plain varieties of yogurt free from added sugar to get the impact.

Stephine Ashcraft has shown the creative uses of yogurt in cooking in her 101 Things To Do with Cake Mix. Her passion for cookbooks and her love for yogurt inspired her to contribute to as Senior Editor.

7. Improves your Cardiovascular health

Various studies support that including yogurt in your diet regularly helps in reducing heart-related issues. As yogurt is useful in lowering blood pressure, it is also high in nutrients that improve your heart health. According to Nicole Weston, the best way to ditch high calories ice-creams is to switch to healthy frozen yogurts.

Nicole Weston is an avid food blogger and authored 56 creamy frozen yogurt recipes in her book – ‘creamy frozen recipes’. Love for yogurt paved her way to contribute as Senior Writer to

Key Takeaway

Yogurt is a truly versatile food that offers great nutrition too. From recipes to your healthy breakfasts, yogurt is ruling your food plate everywhere.

According to Sonia Uvezian,, yogurt is an excellent choice to make your recipes super healthy. You can considerably swap the yogurt for Mayo in sandwiches and heavy creams in frozen treats to cut down the calories drastically. 

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