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Ex-Hollywood Actor, MJ Wolfe, Launches a New Type Of Interview Show on Youtube

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Ex-Hollywood Actor, MJ Wolfe, Launches a New Type Of Interview Show on Youtube

August 31
14:13 2022
Former Hollywood actor and spokesperson MJ Wolfe just debuted a brand-new type of interview program on YouTube called The Wolfe Den Show.

MJ Wolfe is an ex-Hollywood actor and spokesperson who launched a new breed of interview show on YouTube just a short time ago.  The new show called The Wolfe Den Show has already been able to secure interviews with some big-name YouTubers, including the attached interview with Jessica Stansberry (170K Subs), an upcoming interview with fitness legend Funk Roberts (711K Subs), and a “surprise guest” coming this Fall with 2 million plus subscribers.  Not bad for an interview show that was just launched less than six weeks ago.  

When we asked MJ why his show has seen such early success, he responded: “As I watched the typical “two-talking head” interviews on YouTube, I realized just how BORING they were, so I set out to make my interviews as interesting as possible.  I’ve included things like the show frame around each video, an exciting intro clip, a short highlight-reel of my guests in action – called “Guest Glimpse”, and I even include stock images, stock footage, client’s websites, and some humorous sketches in my interviews.  All of which are designed to keep viewers engaged.” 

As of now, MJ has a waiting list of guests for the next few weeks.  So far, The Wolfe Den Show interviews have covered topics like How To Become An Actor in Los Angeles, Making Money Online, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Cybercriminals and Ransomware, NFT strategy, Fitness Over 40, and more.  

MJ says he is pretty much open to hosting a wide array of guests on his show, including Authors, Musicians, Actors, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and more.

When ask what topic he won’t cover, MJ said: “I try and stay away from anything controversial or political – as there are enough people already putting their opinions out there on that kind of stuff.”  

Before pursuing his YouTube show, MJ was an actor in Los Angeles, where he appeared as Cary Grant in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator, the Faberge Egg Expert in Oceans 12, as well as in principal SAG-AFTRA speaking roles opposite Tom Cruise (Collateral), Brad Pitt (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), and Tim Allen (The Shaggy Dog).  MJ still pursues acting from his home in Colorado and he even won “Best Actor” at the Los Angeles Film Awards and the London FLICKS Film Festival in 2021 for his work on The Wolf Delivers, a short film which he wrote, starred in, and helped produce.  

To learn more, subscribe to MJ’s YouTube channel The Wolfe Den Show:

Watch the latest interview with Jessica Stansberry on The Wolfe Den Show on YouTube:

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