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Playa del carmen – The best vacation – Made in Mexico

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Playa del carmen – The best vacation – Made in Mexico

August 30
03:28 2022

Choosing a place to stay each year is an increasingly difficult task. It would seem that now the tourist is more than ever limited, planning and choosing a country, city and conditions for his vacation. But in particular, this is precisely why the task of relaxing with your family or yourself from the hustle, bustle and other side effects of the big resorts, while at the same time striving to achieve it, is less and less. solvable.

Is it possible to find such places in one of the most desirable, but at the same time noisy corners of the planet, the Caribbean coast, let’s try to understand this material.

Mexico is the number 1 choice of US citizens when it comes to vacations. Geographical proximity, incredible nature and a climate ideal for recreation, clean, snow-white beaches, and a “from” to “to” budget can satisfy most Americans.

Europeans, seeking the exotic, also look more and more towards the Caribbean each year. It is here that active and passive types of recreation are presented in their diversity.

When they say the word “Mexico”, most of the time they mean the tourist center of the Riviera Maya. It is here that one of the most popular places on the Mexican coast of Playa del Carmen is located, which in recent years has become a household word for a true vacation, combined with all the pleasures you can imagine. The first place of almost all requests from tourists is diving. Coral reefs, rich marine life and underwater caves make this place a paradise for anyone who loves to explore the aquatic world. For thrill-seekers, there are activities like snorkeling with whale sharks or a personal encounter with a dolphin. Everything is limited only by your desires and will to immerse yourself in the world of extreme sensations.

For those who love a more relaxing vacation: A yacht for a day, sport fishing or a sunset cruise. Any pleasure on this coast comes in a colorful Mexican variety, combined with a price you’re willing to accept.

The jungle here also offers nature lovers guided tours of beautiful landscapes with their huge underground river systems. If you’re ready to go on an adventure, off-road cars and buggies are always at your service.

 As well as many theme parks to visit, which are an attraction to visit in this paradise. Playa del Carmen offers exactly what most tourists are looking for: a cocktail in an exotic, archaic and rustic style. This is how this place became the highlight of a previously unknown fishing village, which overnight became one of the most popular and fashionable resorts in the Caribbean.

And yet, it is difficult to deny the truth: every year the tourist becomes more and more demanding. A variety of types of recreation gives rise to a kind of individualism. On the one hand, a person on vacation wants to declare his right to an exclusive vacation, on the other hand, vacation is a classic: silence, a snow-white beach, a clear sea or ocean, safety and the same, quiet neighbors or your absence. It is not easy to choose such places now, but the demand for them is really great. It’s also fueled by the rapid rise in the number of digital nomads, professionals who work remotely and travel the world at the same time.

Although, it would be more correct to say that they travel and work. When choosing a location for them, in addition to fast and stable Internet, climatic, cultural and social attractiveness are of great importance. And, of course, privacy.

Playa del Carmen is a fairly independent resort that can provide a vacation to suit all tastes. Hence its absolute popularity. Tourists who come here for a relaxing vacation on snow-white beaches now count on its outskirts. They are the ones who are able to meet the demands of discerning tourists, those who are tired of the bustle of the city and life in millions of cities, digital nomads who need peace of mind.


According to Nomad List, among the best centers for remote work by number of visits in 2021 are Lisbon, Mexico City, New York, Istanbul, Barcelona. Among the fast growing leaders – Playa del Carmen.

The quiet development  El Cielo is one of the youngest areas of Playa. It arose based on the demand for it, based on the recreation requirements that tourists now make. The cleanest beaches, the palm trees, the Caribbean in its best combination and its safest supply are now presented in this area.

El Cielo will not be a resort “for everyone”, but that is exactly what the tourist wants today. That  is willing to pay for peace and quiet, for living in condominiums and hotels that exclude the neighborhood with crowds of vacationers and neighbors, and the planning of the area itself prevents its overpopulation and crime.

By the way, the latter is a real scourge of densely populated resorts, which includes Playa del Carmen. Consider, for example, the fatal shooting that took place in January 2022 between two hotel guests in this city. The population density and the large number of tourists inevitably lead to this type of situation and sometimes to the terrorist attacks that criminals like to organize in such densely populated places.

The five kilometers that separate El Cielo from the tourist area is the ideal distance to separate the noisy life of restaurants and nightclubs and the measured pace of the highest category beach vacations. El Cielo is home to exclusive hotels and first class residential complexes that offer impressive condominiums, houses and apartments right on the Caribbean Sea. All of them are decorated in a bright and catchy traditional Mexican style.

Whether you want to spend time with your family or relax with your significant other, El Cielo has the perfect rental property. It is ideally accompanied by several nearby restaurants and specialty shops with incredible local and exclusive products.

El Cielo is a model of an area that will be especially in demand by tourists in the coming years. A bright and lively vacation in Mexico, set to tranquil sound, is how a vacation at El Cielo can be described. There is enough Caribbean flavor and a safe vacation on the cleanest beaches among the coral reefs.

The positive image of the El Cielo area its their hallmark. What was missing from noisy Playa del Carmen is now found on its outskirts, attracting more and more people who want to spend an unforgettable vacation on the Caribbean coast.

Vacations in Mexico have limitless potential. Surprise and calm, that allows us to show the colorful culture of the Mayans and Aztecs with their bloody legends and virgin jungle, and spend the night in the best nightclubs or offer classic vacations in modern exclusive hotels, Mexico challenges the most demanding tourists of all parts of the world. Holding on to the leaders of the best tourist countries and developing new directions in recreation, we can say that Mexico will definitely not be the same in the coming years.

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