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MirrorX CEO Lawrence:Metaverse will upgrade outdated business status

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MirrorX CEO Lawrence:Metaverse will upgrade outdated business status

August 25
15:56 2022

Recently, metaverse project Fracllater has decided to launch its English Brand MirrorX and started the global synchronized upgrade. As the new brand launches, the logo has also been adjusted to be [X], with two opposite arrows moving towards and extending infinitely. New brand system will be online in different platforms and tunnels respectively. Accompanying the new brand MirrorX announcement is Fractaller metaverse founder Lawrence Rufrano and its operation company the Trinity Future Group.

Attention has been overwhelming after the news is released. Information on Lawrence has been spread as well. As is released in the news, he is an experienced investment banker and regulator with over 30 years’ experience in the banking industry. He was once a former Federal Reserve officer, and currently acts as AFT lab executive manager in Stanford University.

During his term in Wall Street, Lawrence managed a capital of over 75 billion USD, including debt issuance, securitisation, credit derivatives, acquisition and so on during his term in Wall street. He also worked with Federal Reserves as a  regulator during 2006 to 2015 to deploy strategies on facing the 2008 crisis. He also cooperated with the White House, the Congress, the US Treasury and so on to initiate the bank regulations based on the Dodd-Frank Act.

After he took the position as AFT labs executive manager, he focused his attention in deepening and expanding relationships among financial technology companies, investment firms, banks and other financial institutions to provide them with angles on regulations and commercialization. He has been one of the early  financial experts who promote web 3 transform and metaverse tech globally. 

Based on his previous finnacial background, Lawrence has paid attention to the crypto and blockchain field and attended multiple relevant meetings to give presentations before he took the position as the CEO of Fractaller Metaverse. . In his point of view, it is a must that new tech will overtake the old ones in this tech innovation world and that it is also possible that outdated business models will be broken.

He thinks that metaverse is a platform for AR, VR glasses, new networks and so on. It’s scale could be as broad as all the applications in the real world such as socialization, e-commerce, game, education, and even payment solutions, all of which will have their transformation in the metaverse era. Traditional industries should seize this chance to realize their digital transform in Internet 3.0. And metaverse will help achieve this goal. 

To realize this goal, he built MirrorX after he became the CEO of TFG to help more traditional brands embrace new tech through this platform.

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