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Devon Graham aka The Black Air Bender Leading the wave of Breath and Scalar to all walks of life tackling soil issues helping farms and businesses

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Devon Graham aka The Black Air Bender Leading the wave of Breath and Scalar to all walks of life tackling soil issues helping farms and businesses

August 25
03:11 2022

Aug 24, 2022 – Devon Graham, the pioneer of Alchemy Breathwork, announced that he’ll be holding a Breath Dojo 7 in Miami, Florida on Aug. 28, 2022. Individuals can attend in person or online. The session begins at 3 a.m. EST and ends at 12 midnight.

Individuals can come and go as they please and refreshments will be available. Online attendees will join the session via Zoom. The event will focus on parasympathetic breathing and individuals will learn tools that can be used immediately in the real-world. Tickets are now available online.

Known as the black air bender, Graham combines ancient practices and sacred geometry to heal, create balance, and enhance the body’s functioning. Through breathing techniques, the brain has the power to tap into scalar energy waves for healing. Graham has worked with companies that include Google and Facebook to share his powerful techniques.

Nicola Tesla first proved the existence of scalar waves and Einstein also recognized them. The discovery resulted in the development of quantum physics and the energy is utilized in modern medicine. Scalar energy is able to neutralize harmful elements within the body.

Scalar energy frequencies occur naturally throughout the universe and can be harnessed by individuals. The black air bender takes that knowledge, expands it, and shows others how to utilize it for better health and personal balance. Working with many businesses from all over the world sharing the importance of energy hygiene with logos, work space, and exchange between customers.

Graham started last yr with his members group using pictures of individuals including injuries. His process combines a bio-dimensional blueprint with that picture then places it on his scalar device. Running specific frequencies at different time intervals one would receive the resonance no matter where they are. This later translated to farms! Yes farmers from all over the world are giving feedback how the soil is richer and the overall feel of land is more calm; All from pictures!

With scalar there is no a to b there is only a. Instant transmission and communication without lag time. When working with businesses you can scalar infuse your logo enhancing the products with the same emblem. Graham have been implementing this starting with his skin care company he co-created called Natureherself369. Many testimonials of skin issues from clients can be found on its Instagram page and website.

Graham says save the soil movement should be looking at electro culture, scalar and promote people growing their own while supporting local farmers. Graham is working with many farmers from all over the world and gaining traction. One in particular we are intrigued by is Marvelous Mushrooms Miami created by the owners of Full Bloom restaurant in Miami looking to make a massive wave in the industry. The east coast could use a farm like them due to the fact most Mushrooms are imported from the west and outside the country.

Graham is also showing you can use scalar to shift the molecular structure in water for healthier consumption. He is putting pictures of water supply onto the scalar as well. He so far has Miami, DC, and New South Wales, Australia water supply on the scalar. Graham is accepting to put farms and water supply pictures to be put on the scalar for FREE. The reason he started this step is because farmers can easily spot changes due to the hard work they put in on a daily basis and dispel any placebo. You can send in pics of the land to [email protected] with the subject “scalar farm” for water supply “scalar water”

If we can use less water and more of the etheric energy around us it’s prevalent the mainstream movements for soil should be looking into this. Graham pointed out the age of waiting for a savior is over. “We need to come together and realize these ancient practices that were more in harmony with the earth can be experienced today before they are forgotten. Scalar applications is one of them. Stemming from ancient architecture, evidence showing relics using dark matter to heal is coming up more and more.”

Research papers and articles are updated on the black air bender’s site weekly on the product page. Individuals can book 1-on-1 sessions for a scalar energy experience for bio healing. People can also sign up for one of the many Alchemy Breathwork courses offered or workshops conducted throughout the year. Individuals will learn how to use Graham’s techniques to heal, reduce stress, detox, improve mental health, and function at a higher level.

Breath Dojo 7 in Miami, Florida on Aug. 28, 2022 provides individuals with the unique opportunity to experience breath consciousness with a master in a scalar infused environment. Alchemy Breathwork welcomes people at all levels of breathwork to participate.

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