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Creative Biolabs Provides One-stop Services to Support ADC Development

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Creative Biolabs Provides One-stop Services to Support ADC Development

August 25
01:55 2022
As a leader in ADC development, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive products and services to facilitate ADC research projects.

New York, USA – August 24, 2022 – Cancer affects millions of lives every year and the development of effective treatments is in emerging demand.

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are a class of biological drugs designed as a targeted therapy to treat cancer. As a promising cancer treatment, it continues to grow in terms of R&D, and the market size of ADC is expected to expand continuously as well. Currently, many companies have invested in the development of ADC drugs with considerable approval rates by the FDA. Up till 2021, 12 ADC drugs had already been approved for therapeutic use.

Designing an ADC is a rather complicated process and with various elements to take into account, such as the selection of targets, monoclonal antibodies, linkers, etc.

With superior antibody-drug conjugate research and development capacity, Creative Biolabs provides ADC conjugation services to help customers create customized ADCs.

Creative Biolabs’ one-stop ADC development service is divided into the following modules:

• ADC antibody screening

• DrugLnk™ custom synthesis

• Antibody design and conjugation

• ADC in vitro analysis

• ADC in vivo analysis

• ADC manufacturing

Linker-payload is a key component when designing ADCs, which significantly impacts efficacy. Hence, during the development of ADCs, the design of appropriate linkers is critical for the stable and effective delivery of cytotoxic drugs to target cells.

Creative Biolabs has developed the “DrugLnk” service platform – an exceptional technical service platform covering a drug module and a linker module.

Studies have shown that linkers are determinants of drug release mechanisms and can generally be classified into cleavable and non-cleavable linkers. Creative Biolabs offers customized cleavable linkers design services, including pH-sensitive linkers, disulfide linkers, peptide linkers, ß-glucuronide linkers, as well as non-cleavable linkers.

Creative Biolabs also offers bispecific ADCs development services. Both bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) and ADCs have demonstrated high drug selectivity and efficacy in various clinical studies, making them potential for cancer treatment.

Creative Biolabs has developed two bispecific ADC approaches – the fast-internalizing receptor-based bispecific ADC and the biparatopic bispecific ADC. With these two bispecific ADC approaches, internalization and trafficking to lysosomes can be enhanced to maximize the amount of drug effectively delivered to tumor cells at a given dosage.

At Creative Biolabs, the following bispecific ADCs development services are also available:

• Selection of epitope/receptor combinations

• Identification of bispecific antibody formats

• Generation of bispecific ADC

• In vitro and in vivo evaluations of bispecific ADC

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About Creative Biolabs

Based on a well-established platform and sophisticated research team, Creative Biolabs offers one-stop services and a wide range of products for ADC development, covering all phases of preclinical evaluation.

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