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OCM is bringing well-loved Dao Xiang Cun mooncakes for the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival

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OCM is bringing well-loved Dao Xiang Cun mooncakes for the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival

August 23
15:10 2022

Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner! Celebrate the special day with your loved ones with these notably curated mooncakes. This year OCM will bring special Daoxiangcun mooncakes!


Dao Xiang Cun (Suzhou) originated from 1773 (the thirty-eighth year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty), and it has been around for 248 years ago. It has been passed down from its founding to the sixth generation.


Dao Xiang Cun has entered the world stage with an open and tolerant attitude. Thanks to its long historical and cultural heritage, superb production skills, and excellent quality reputation, Dao Xiang Cun has a strong international competitive advantage. Today, Dao Xiang Cun has become the most popular pastry brand in the American market. Mid-autumn mooncakes and New Year gift boxes are also widely welcomed by Chinese in the United States, and have become essential gifts for visiting relatives and friends during the festival.

This year, Dao Xiang Cun brings Dao Xiang Cun Royal Gift Set, Premium Gift Box, Multi Flavored Cubilose Lava Cake, Dream Come True, Wealthy & Reunion etc. To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Daoxiangcun’s traditional baked mooncakes, these mooncakes are the ideal gift for family, friends and business partners.

OCM is the exclusive partner of Dao Xiang Cun. OCM Globe Inc was established in August 2015, from the meaning of its name, which demonstrates our commitment to introducing the latest products with the highest quality food and beverage brands from China, and this is our philosophy and mission. Within seven years, OCM started from scratch and made great progress all the way.

Today, OCM brings together the best quality food and beverage brands in China, including Genki Forest, Mengniu, Dao Xiang Cun, Weilong, Haitian, Shannalan, Jinmailang, Ngfeng Lihong, Shenghetang, Baijia, Panpan etc as Exclusive Distribution Partner in the US.


OCM also acts as the most important partner in the US with leading brands in various categories such as Duxiancheun, Wangluoji etc which has a long history in China, also OCM has become the most trusted partner for Chinese food and beverage brands. Those Chinese trendy food manufacturers in China explore to enter into the US market, their first choice is partnering with OCM. OCM, the first platform of China’s trendy food in North America!


In 2021, OCM started off its frozen food business with the launch of its own pre-made dish brand Master lee.  In 2021, OCM acquired LER V, a company specializing in Asian cosmetics, further expanding its business footprint.  In 2021, OCM opened Chicago Branch and San Francisco Branch, purchased a 80,000-foot warehouse in Chicago and a 100,000-foot warehouse in Houston, with a total warehouse capacity of 475,000 square feet in the United States.

The glory belongs to the past, and the future is even more worth looking forward to!  In 2022, OCM will continue to bring in Chinese trendy high-quality food and beverage brands and at the same time, explores the products from Thailand and Vietnam and brings it to the US. In 2022, OCM will set up branches in Houston and Atlanta to continue to finalise the strategic layout in the US. From “Let the world fall in love with Chinese taste”, to “Let the world fall in love with Asian taste”, the call for “The No. 1 Platform for food and beverage” has been created by OCM. One person can go fast, and a group of people can go far. OCM looks forward to working with partners to create a better tomorrow for Asian food!


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