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Spotify Icebergify Recently Launched By Akshay Raj

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Spotify Icebergify Recently Launched By Akshay Raj

July 06
19:51 2022

Icebergify launched on June 26, and in a short period, it gained immense popularity. The growing demand and popularity of Spotify have introduced Icebergify to people. Spotify is one of the best platforms to listen to all types of songs, and with Iceberg chart, get to know more about preferred music. All have some preference when it comes to music, and charts gives a clear idea of which artist are preferred over others.

Icebergify tool creates a multi-level chart that considers the top 50 listened-to music and based on that prepares the chart. It has all the top artist who consumes most of the time on top while the least is considered at the bottom. The chart shows which artist grabs all the Spotify time and even those missing for a long time.

The tool works based on an algorithm that considers the top 50 listened songs on Spotify and organizes them based on popularity. Artists or songs most heard are shown at the top of the chart, while doubtful music or not listened to for a long time are at the bottom. The levels are created based on the genre and artist, which makes every chart different from others.

Based on reviews and feedback from people, Icebergify has several benefits that encourage people to get the music chart:

  1. Icebergify creates the music chart in levels to show the music, which utilizes more time than artists that hardly get listened to.

  2. The tool’s ease of use and compatibility with all types of devices make it easy for people to get personalized music charts.

  3. Security and safety are maintained, so the tool takes the Spotify credentials to get the 50 most listened-to songs. This information is removed once the chart is done and is not shared with other platforms.

  4. Artists ignored or music not listened to for a long time are at the bottom of the chart. The most listened are at the top, and these help people to explore more about music and try new genres.

  5. There is no need to register or pay to create the Iceberg chart. It is easy to share the chart on different social media platforms to show love for music.

Akshay Raj, a computer and data science student, has come up with the idea of developing a website to create a music chart. Spotify is the preferred medium for everyone, and so considering its playlist has made it easy to get the chart. The online tool hardly takes time to get the chart and is entirely secure. Icebergify works as an add-on tool with Spotify that gives a visual representation of the music and shows the love for it.

Icebergify is compatible with all devices and free to use, which worked as an add-on for people. The chart photo is further used on social media to share with friends and family. Icebergify is a must-try tool for all music lovers, and get the chart to show the preferred genre of music and artist.

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